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Green Color Names: All the Shades with HEX and RGB Codes


Who Can Name All Green Colors?

While word all always sounds a bit too optimistic, we’ll use it for the motivation – to expand already existing 110 shades of green with their names and appropriate HTML codes for every designer, blogger or just color lover who might need a certain tint or hue for green colors.

Green is very interesting if we focus on definition only. It’s one of the basic seven colors in the rainbow, part of the visible spectrum between yellow and blue, having the wavelength between 495 and 570 nm.

It’s a secondary color in the subtractive color system, being a mixture of yellow and blue, but a primary color in additive color system, used in TV technology. If you heard for RGB, you should know G in this abbreviation stands for green.

The simple fact that all colors in this system can be made of three primary colors (Red, Green, and Blue) causes pretty demanding task. Green is of course the color with max value of G (the value of FF in HEX system) and min values of R and B (values of 0), but many other mixtures with lesser amounts of G and higher of R and/or B look more or less greenish too. So several systems for naming these green colors were created.

That means we have literally hundreds, even thousands of different green shades. Some are closer to yellow, some to blue (several languages don’t distinguish between blue and green!), some to gray, etc. This post is an attempt to present as many green colors with their names, sorted in a human friendly way.

The Most Basic Green Colors

Here are two sets of colors, named simply green:


#008000 (0, 128, 0) Green (HTML) aka Office Green aka Green W3C
#00A550 (0, 165, 80) Green (CMYK) aka Pigment Green
#1CAC78 (28, 172, 120) Green (Crayola)
#00A877 (0, 168, 119) Green (Munsell)
#009F6B (0, 159, 107) Green (NCS)

You already noticed simple green is not enough. That’s why we added names of the systems, which used this basic name according to their logics.


#66B032 (102, 176, 50) Green (RYB)
#00FF00 (0, 255, 0) Green (X11)
#484A22 (72,74,34) Green (BS 4800 12 C 40)
#009D74 (35, 164, 128) Green UP (Pantone)
#00AB84 (0, 165, 80) Green C (Pantone)

If you are not familiar with the abbreviations, send me a note in comments. I should probably make a dedicated post on this theme too.

Green Shades Named After Obvious Characteristics

Before any of these classifications was created, people already used adjectives like light, dark, bright, bald, … to better describe the shade of green in question. Let’s look at several such tints:


#66FF00 (102, 255, 0) Bright Green
#ADFF2F (173, 255, 47) Green-Yellow (Chartreuse)
#006400 (0, 100, 0) Dark Green (X11) aka Electric Green aka Lime Green (X11)
#013220 (1, 50, 32) Dark Green
#03C03C (3, 192, 60) Dark Pastel Green

We are already dealing with a huge span of greens, aren’t we? I would like to warn you on the Green-Yellow color, also called Chartreuse (named after a drink, which, by the way, is just one of the many green colored drinks, just read on). Besides a fancy name it’s also a very special color positioned exactly in the middle of yellow and green in the HSV color wheel. This means it’s made of 50% green and 50% yellow.


#004953 (0, 73, 83) Midnight Green
#B4D3B2 (180, 211, 178) Pastel Green
#90EE90 (144, 238, 144) Light Green
#98FB98 (152, 251, 152) Pale Green
#39FF14 (57, 255, 20) Neon Green

Color poetically named Midnight Green is official color of the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL. Later we’ll find several more examples of different green colors being used for uniforms or other official cases.

#0D865D (13, 134, 93) Bold Green
#5E8C31 (94, 140, 49) Maximum Green
#76FF7A (118, 255, 122) Screamin’ Green
#9ACD32 (154, 205, 50) Yellow-Green
#D9E650 (217, 230, 80) Maximum Green Yellow

Did you notice the differences between Green Yellow, Yellow-Green and Maximum Green Yellow? Such naming quickly leads to further complications. More complex naming system seems inevitable.

Green Color Shades Named After Herbs

Nature is full of green colors. It’s actually the first color we think about when we mention it. Next few sets will be related with nature, starting with herbs.


#A9BA9D (169, 186, 157) Laurel Green
#354230 (53, 66, 48) Kombu Green
#AAF0D1 (170, 240, 209) Magic Mint
#BCB88A (188, 184, 138) Sage Green
#737B6C (115, 123, 108) Thyme Green

We have already mentioned Chartreuse color with its unique position in the color wheel. Sage Green has a similar story. It’s a grey-green resembling the hue of dried sage leaves. As a quaternary color, it is an equal mix of the tertiary colors citron and slate (both confusingly also known as olive in different sources). We’ll come to the olive a bit later, but citron (on of the shades of yellow) and slate (a shade of gray) are discussed in other articles.

In the same palette one of numerous shades of mint is presented. Here are a few more:


#4FFFB0 (79, 255, 176) Bright Mint
#3EB489 (62, 180, 137) Mint aka Mint Leaf
#F5FFFA (245, 255, 250) Mint Cream
#98FB98 (152, 251, 152) Mint Green
#46877F (70, 135, 127) Mint Turquoise (RAL 6033)

Vegetables are green too:


#8F9779 (143, 151, 121) Artichoke
#4B6F44 (75, 111, 68) Artichoke Green (Pantone)
#87A96B (135, 169, 107) Asparagus
#BFD58E (191, 213, 142) Lettuce Green (Pantone)
#909B4C (144, 155, 76) Spinach Green (Pantone)

And so can be fruits. We’ll focus on ripe ones for now …


#8DB600 (141, 182, 0) Apple Green
#A8E4A0 (168,228,160) Granny Smith Apple
#568203 (86, 130, 3) Avocado
#D6D96A (214, 217, 106) Grape Green (Benjamin Moore)
#F0FFF0 (240, 255, 240) Honeydew

Apple Green is another quaternary color on the RYB color wheel, exactly half way between Green and Chartreuse. Honeydew Green got its name after color of the flesh of honeydew melon.


#A1A989 (161, 169, 137) Kiwi Green (Ford)
#BFFF00 (192, 255, 0) Lime
#32CD32 (50, 205, 50) Lime Green
#D1E231 (209, 226, 49) Pear
#93C572 (147, 197, 114) Pistachio

The color Pear, for instance, also belongs to the family of chartreuse, but it’s much closer to yellow than green, so we could technically include it among yellow colors.


#808000 (128, 128, 0) Olive
#556B2F (85, 107, 47) Dark Olive Green
#3B3C36 (59, 60, 54) Black olive
#A0955D (160, 149, 93) Olive Oil (Berger, Scib, Vista Paint)
#847645 (132, 118, 69) Olive Paste (Sico, Crown Diamond)

A subfamily of olive green colors is so popular several paint makers create their own visions of this color. They are mentioned in the brackets right after the commercial names. To be honest we all probably know olives can vary a lot by color.

We are still not finished with the world of green plants.


#4F7942 (79, 121, 66) Fern Green
#4D6F39 (77, 111, 57) Grass Green (RAL 6010)
#6C7C59 (108, 124, 89) Reseda Green
#325928 (50, 89, 40) Leaf Green (RAL 6002)
#2F7532 (47, 117, 50) Japanese Laurel

Bud Spring Green Colors

#A7FC00 (167, 252, 0) Spring Bud
#00FF7F (0, 255, 127) Spring Green
#A3C1AD (163, 193, 173) Cambridge Blue
#ECEBBD (236, 235, 189) Spring Green (Crayola)
#177245 (23, 114, 69) Dark Spring Green

Don’t be fooled by the name Cambridge Blue – it’s a medium tone of spring green, official color brand of Cambridge University.


#00FA9A (0, 250, 154) Medium Spring Green
#C9DC87 (201, 220, 137) Spring Bud (ISCC-NBS)
#BDDA57 (189, 218, 87) June Bud
#7BB661 (123, 182, 97) Bud Green
#4C9141 (76, 145, 65) May Green

Spring is closely associated with color green, even more than winter with color white (many areas of the world hardly know about snow). With all the springs and buds in greenish shades we can definitely expect at least one sub-family of spring-greens:

Viridian Green Colors


#40826D (64, 130, 109) Viridian
#009B7D (0, 155, 125) Paolo Veronese Green
#009698 (0, 150, 152) Viridian Green
#007F66 (0, 127, 102) Generic Viridian
#007F5C (0, 127, 92) Spanish Viridian

Viridian is a dark shade of spring green and a quaternary color on the RYB color wheel. Viridian, of course, has a Latin origin, coming from viridis and meaning  – green.

Last set of vegetation-related greens is related to larger areas dominated by green plants:


#228B22 (34, 139, 34) Forest Green
#29AB87 (41, 171, 135) Jungle Green
#7CFC00 (124, 252, 0) Lawn Green
#30BA8F (48, 186, 143) Mountain Meadow
#495D4E (73, 93, 78) Park Green (Behr)

Animals Can Be Green Too!


#C6D080 (198, 208, 128) Frog Green (Colortrend, Diamond Vogel, ECOS)
#697A64 (105, 122, 100) Grasshopper Green (AMC)
#A7F432 (167, 244, 50) Green Lizard
#74C365 (116, 195, 101) Mantis
#008080 (0, 128, 128) Teal

Now you know frogs are not the only green animals. As a matter of fact, even frogs have so many different hues of green, we should add a family of colors, named after frogs. In the meantime, you can practice by drawing a frog!

Shades Of Green Color Names Related To Specific Places

#1B4D3E (27, 77, 62) Brunswick Green
#72BE6D (114, 190, 109) Dublin (Behr)
#00573F (0, 87, 63) Gotham Green
#195905 Lincoln Green
#50C878 (80, 200, 120) Paris Green

Brunswick Green is named after Braunschweig, Germany. It’s the color of famous pool tables. gotham, of course is one of the nicknames for New York. This particular tint is official color of NY Jets. You probably also noticed Dublin Green. Dublin, the capital of Ireland, has its own color, but this is not he only shade associated with Ireland.

Irish Green Color Shades


#004225 (1, 66, 37) BRG aka British Racing Green
#00FF40 (0, 255, 64) Erin
#4CBB17 (76, 187, 23) Kelly Green
#009B69 (0, 155, 105) St. Patrick (Dutch Boy)
#009E60 (0, 158, 96) Shamrock Green aka Irish Green

You may ask why color BRG (British Racing Green) belongs to Irish colors. The reason is simple. When the racing teams were established, racing was still illegal in Great Britain. so they moved to Ireland and took their color for the color of the team.

And if you didn’t know – Erin is a poetic name for Ireland.


#006A4E (0, 106, 78) Bangladesh Green aka Bottle Green
#138808 (19, 136, 8) India Green
#306030 (48, 96, 48) Mughal Green
#01411C (1, 65, 28) Pakistan Green
#00A693 (0, 166, 147) Persian Green

We have more places associated with green.


#00CC99 (0, 204, 153) Caribbean Green
#5F996B (95, 153, 107) Jamaica Green (Ralph Lauren)
#679267 (103, 146, 103) Russian Green
#043927 (0, 78, 56) Sacramento State Green
#009150 (0, 145, 80) Spanish Green

How About A Green Drink?

We promised to include a few colors named after green drinks and here they are.


#76B583 (118, 181, 131) Absinthe Green (Pantone)
#C9D77E (201, 215, 126) Daiquiri Green (Pantone)
#87F134 (135, 241, 52) Verde Manzana Green
#2A603B (42, 96, 59) Midori Green
#D0F0C0 (208, 240, 192) Tea Green

With this we conclude a list of 120 different shades of green colors. To be continued!


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  1. Stumbled across this blog while trying to look up how to best describe different shades of red ( I photographed a drawing and the red color shows up very differently in photo vs. on paper). What a fascinating read and a great resource! Thank you for putting all these infos up.

  2. The listing of the Hex colors is very useful. This was also very interesting to read, and I learned a lot of things about color that I didn’t know prior! Thank you for sharing!

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