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List of the Best Blue Paint Colors for Your Room Walls!


(26 Popular Brands of Makers, 105 Shades of Wall Paints in Blue Color and Counting!)

Blue paints can be used in all rooms in the house, sometimes as the base, sometimes as an accent. There are thousands of different shades of blue colors on the market, from grayish pale blues to rich almost purple blue tints. Here you’ll find an overview of the most popular paint brands with examples. Apart from commercial names, there are also HTML (HEX) and RGB codes and an SVG file which can be used as a coloring sheet to give you a hint of the look of your room before you even start visiting the stores and asking for samples.

All available paints were carefully selected and grouped according to the market needs. There will still be some overlapping, like light and sky blue color or teal and green-blue shades. Like it or not, colors can’t be classified in a unique universal system, but on the other hand, this is actually part of their charm, isn’t it? We have 12 major brands and seven basic groups of blue shades od paints with 105 examples at the moment but will expand the numbers at least up to 140 in the near future. Be patient and enjoy!

Light Blue Wall Paint

Light blue paint colors are mostly used for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. This family of colors has a cool soothing feel what is great as a base in rooms with running water. It makes a great combination of white and beige tones, even better with some accents like orange or gold or similarly lively colors of equipment or decor.


Here are several examples of pastel blue wall paint (first number is HEX code, in brackets is a RGB code):


#A1CAF1 (161, 202, 241) Sherwin-Williams Baby Blue Eyes
#98C9E2 (152, 201, 226) Dutch Boy Baby Cornflower
#C5D6E9 (197, 214, 233) Vista Paint Fluid Blue
#B6C8D1 (182, 200, 209) Dulux Quintessential Blue
#C9DBE2 (201, 219, 226) Olympic Goddess

Shades of light blue paint work great in a living room and a bedroom as well, especially if you see them as places of rest and contemplation. Even if you like a lot of visits and would like to put some soft blue color in a living room, it may work great as a complementary color to a dominant yellow or earth tones. Not to cool down the overall feel, but to make the warmth of the chosen base more interesting making a gentle contrast.


#54A4C2 (84, 164, 194) Dunn-Edwards Frozen Wave
#E2E7E8 (226, 231, 232) Ralph Lauren Whisper
#90CDDA (144, 205, 218) Sico Scintillating Blue
#1FA9C3 (31, 169, 195) Pratt & Lambert Supreme
#4798C2 (71, 152, 194) Kelly-Moore Galleon Blue


And there is another set of pastel blue paints for walls:


#CFECF4 (207, 236, 244) Benjamin Moore Tear Drop
#468FA2 (70, 143, 162) Ralph Lauren Aegean Blue
#BDD7E6 (189, 215, 230) Nippon Paint Lite Up
#84C8DB (132,200,219) Dunn-Edwards Bayshore
#7996A3 (121, 150, 163) Designers Guild Swedish Blue

As you can see the idea of light blue paint overlaps with sky blue, grey blue and green blue colored paints.

Sky Blue Paint

Paint in sky blue tones is also soft, light and best for the same rooms as the tints above. Blue is not the first choice for a living room or a bedroom but can work just fine if it’s matching other used colors and the characters of people in those places. Remember – you are not obligated to use it just for walls. It can make a spectacular expression for ceilings or, if you are bit extravagant (but just a bit) can be used on one wall only.


#C9D2C6 (201, 210 198) Farrow & Ball Silvery Blue
#D4E9F2 (212, 233, 242) Benjamin Moore Cumulus Cotton
#ADC5DD (173, 197, 221) Nippon Paint Blue Aura
#BBDDDF (187, 221, 223) Pratt & Lambert Debonair
#CAD6E8 (202, 214, 232) Asian Paints Blue Dawn


Sky can be more greenish, purplish or greyish, but it’s still cerulean.


#78A7B7 (120, 167, 183) Behr Porcelain Blue
#A2C9E6 (162, 201, 230) Rodda Paint Marzena Dream
#9DB0D2 (157, 176, 210) Sherwin-Williams Celestial
#9BBBE2 (155, 187, 226) Vista Paint Innuendo
#6AB0B9 (106, 176, 185) Taubmans Montana

As the sky in nature looks very differently depending on the weather conditions and time of the day, we find many different shades of sky blue among the manufacturers of wall paints.


#C2CFDE (194, 207, 222) Vista Paint Atmospheric Pressure
#7EC0E3 (126, 192, 227) PPG Pittsburgh Paints Horizon Haze
#9DC8E3 (157, 200, 227) Glidden Wild Blue Yonder
#B3D9E2 (179, 217, 226) Olympic Flemish Sky
#BCD7EA (188, 215, 234) Valspar Paint Gentle Wind

Some shades posses more of white, others of green and yet others of purple tones. It’s up to you to choose the best for your room.

Blue Grey Paint Colors

Blue grey paint is still in the same family as already presented light and sky shades. It’s actually a really vague area of differences, where the same name fits in more than one group. To make things even more interesting some manufacturers make the same color but give them different names and there are also paints sharing the same name, but looking significantly different.

It’s very important to do your research right and think twice before you make a final decision. We hope next set of examples with brand names and RGB codes will help:


#C6DBE6 (198, 219, 230) Dulux Mineral Mist
#C7D5E2 (199, 213, 226) Nippon Paint Windsurf
#909A9A (144, 154, 154) Benjamin Moore Gibraltar Cliffs
#E0ECEF (224, 236, 239) Dutch Boy Blue Sparkle
#ACBEBF (172, 190, 191) Taubmans Mohawk Blue

All blue grey colors look pretty conservative and are often called soft, pale or powder. Still, there are numerous options to choose from.



#CFDEE1 (207, 222, 225) Pratt & Lambert Astrachan
#7F909E (127, 144, 158) Valspar Paint Royal Gray
#99ACB2 (153, 172, 178) Behr Blue Fox
#CCD7E1 (204, 215, 225) Ralph Lauren Blue Mesa
#BDC9CD (189, 201, 205) Vista Paint Water Droplet


#D8E1E6 (216,225,230) Dunn-Edwards Pearl City
#548090 (84, 128, 144) Plascon Gray Saturday
#B0B6C6 (176, 182, 198) Martha Stewart Faded Ink
#C8CFD5 (200, 207, 213) Kelly-Moore Wind Weaver
#6D888A (109, 136, 138) Farrow & Ball Stone Blue

Not an easy decision, right?

Royal Blue Paint Colors

Royal blue is a completely different story than pastels above. It’s much darker (although not really dark) and stronger, tending to impress at first sight. Of all rooms in the house, it works best in bedrooms. It brings a specific energy and elegance which can be used in other rooms as well, but maybe not as the base color.

Here are examples of probably the most classy paint colors of all:


#334688 (51, 70, 136) Vista Paint Blue Highlight
#32356C (50, 53, 108) Rodda Paint Frozen Blue
#375995 (55, 89, 149) Glidden Deep Sapphire Blue
#1A3C5D (26, 60, 93) Dulux Oxford Blue
#7085A1 (112, 133, 161) Behr Magic Spell

It’s interesting to note there is still not a clear difference between royal and navy blue, what is caused by numerous changes in uniforms due to different circumstances like materials, weather conditions and political decisions. One more reason to check as many samples as possible before you order your favorite color for the interior.



#464962 (70, 73, 98) Dunn-Edwards Intergalactic
#4A4C63 (74, 76, 99) Kelly-Moore Grand Grape
#546988 (84, 105, 136) Valspar Paint Waterloo
#48596D (72, 89, 109) Ralph Lauren Rue Royale
#0080B2 (0, 128, 178) Behr Royal Peacock


#483D4C (72, 61, 76) Berger Midnight Affair
#3D4D64 (61, 77, 100) Kelly-Moore Blue Moon Bay
#000068 (0, 0, 104) Plascon Nights Cloak
#494D8B (73, 77, 139) California Paints Beaded Blue
#004476 (0, 68, 118) Pratt & Lambert Sailor Suit

The paint makers don’t necessary match the word royal with a royal blue as designers define it. So it’s probably best to choose it by look, not by name.

Dark Blue Paint

Dark blue paint is more serious than all colors before, even more than gray-blue tones, which are probably the most conservative of all possible blues. Dark blue is often very close to black, but we decided to present only paints from medium dark family because almost black truly belongs to another article.

It is used for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, but looks very good on doors and furniture too. Check this set:


#213F49 (33, 63, 73) Sherwin-Williams Moscow Midnight
#2F425B (47, 66, 91) Dulux Sapphire Salute
#343457 (52, 52, 87) Benjamin Moore Midnight Navy
#2E4353 (46, 67, 83) Dutch Boy Blue Navy
#283D3E (40, 61, 62) Rodda Paint Atlantic Waves


Most dark shades of blue paint have names related to the night or (deep) waters, navy and other authoritative uniforms included.


#000050 Plascon Neptunes Castle rgb(0, 0, 80)
#484B62 California Paints Blue Suede Shoes rgb(72, 75, 98)
#214269 (33, 66, 105) Designers Guild Moonlight Blue
#404950 Kelly-Moore Baffin Island Night rgb(64, 73, 80)
#2B3040 Farrow & Ball Drawing Room Blue rgb(43, 48, 64)


#00656F (0, 101, 111) Sico Underwater Cave
#3F455A (63, 69, 90) Glidden Federal Blue
#445055 (68, 80, 85) PPG PPG Pittsburgh Paints Obsidian
#43546E (67, 84, 110) Martha Stewart Lost Mitten Blue
#305174 (48, 81, 116) Taubmans Virginia Blue


Even the dark blue colors can vary a lot. Some of them verge on dark green, others on black and others are classified as only ‘medium dark’ paints.

Teal Blue Paint Color

The family of teal colors has much higher percentage of yellow in the mix and always look slightly greenish. This gives the paint more live and freshness, which can be used in every room in the house. If blue is not the first choice for dining rooms because it suppresses appetite, teal can actually be the right choice. You can put it on walls, ceilings, doors, wood, plastic or metal – teal can find a way to look great almost in every situation.

Did we mention it goes well with numerous other colors?


#2D9CA2 (45, 156, 162) Benjamin Moore San Jose Blue
#89D9D1 (137, 217, 209) Sherwin-Williams Tantalizing Teal
#007D83 (0, 125, 131) Behr Tuscon Teal
#458083 (69, 128, 131) Olympic Teal Zeal
#1F9995 (31, 153, 149) Rodda Paint Pleasant Stream

Teal colors can be really tricky, because while there are clear borders between teal, aqua and turquoise according to the percanteges of blue and green components in RGB systems, there can still be huge deviations if we add a bit of red, or a lot of red or decrease blue and green at the same time or …


#499CA0 (73, 156, 160) Dunn-Edwards Montego Bay
#7DA79F (125, 167, 159) Ralph Lauren Sunwashed Blue
#00909B (0, 144, 155) Sico Limpid Lagoon
#48B3B1 (72, 179, 177) Designers Guild Marine
#D0E6DE (208, 230, 222) Martha Stewart Blue Topaz



#77CDC5 (119, 205, 197) Valspar Paint Nautical
#007177 (0, 113, 119) Laura Ashley Deep Turquoise
#21929D (33, 146, 157) Olympic Safe Harbor
#78D4D0 (120, 212, 208) Kelly-Moore Aqua Zing
#739499 (115, 148, 153) Asian Paints Rustic Twist

Teal blue paints for walls are one of new trends where cool pastel tones are combined with more lively ones. They work great in many different combinations as well.

Blue-Green Wall Paint

If teal looks greenish, some of next paints look almost green. They are right in the middle of blue and green, what means they possess a substantial amount of lively yellow. This energy gives can be used in all rooms, including halls.

Why not see for yourself?

#009086 (0, 144, 134) Sico Capri Grotto
#4A8B88 (74, 139, 136) Glidden Niagara Reef Jade
#E2ECEA (226, 236, 234) Olympic Bashful
#5ACDBE (90, 205, 190) Nippon Paint Poolside
#C7EBE2 (199, 235, 226) Dutch Boy Minted Ice

Green blue is often very close to or is even overlapping with teal, what is understandable if we know how are both made – from blue and green pigments.

blue and green wall paint

#548E89 (84, 142, 137) Taubmans Spruce Blue
#5B9E9B (91, 158, 155) Asian Paints Still Blue
#85E0D3 (133, 224, 211) Rodda Paint Glorious Garden
#DEE5DE (222, 229, 222) Laura Ashley Powder Blue 1
#3A7676 (58, 118, 118) Valspar Paint Ocean Slumber


#005B62 (0, 91, 98) Dutch Boy Marina
#9FB1A7 (159, 177, 167) Behr Smokey Slate
#B7CECB (183, 206, 203) Designers Guild Celadon
#DBE5E3 (219, 229, 227) Benjamin Moore Winter Ice
#01888B (1, 136, 139) Nippon Paint High Trek

Try one of the presented blue colors on the wall of this virtual room!

Next image is made in the SVG format, readable by Inkscape or Adobe Acrobat.

We used two of presented blue wall paints (Behr Magic Spell for left and Sherwin-Williams Baby Blue Eyes for right wall by default), but you can change them with each of presented wall paints if you use one of accompanying codes.


1. Download it and save to a folder where you’ll have access to one of the programs able manipulating SVG formats.
2. Open it with a chosen program.
3. By clicking select one of the two walls in the picture and enter a code (HTML or RGB) to see the look of each of the presented blue paints which might be interesting for you.
4. (optional) You can change the color of the equipment too!

If you are thinking about a combination of blue with other colors, we have made a post about this as well. You are more than welcome to read Colors That Match Blue.

Remember – with all possible tools and examples you’ll still get only an approximation. For the real thing, you’ll eventually need to paint a part of the wall in question and see how the paint looks at different times of the day. We still hope our collection of different tones of blue wall paints helps a bit!


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