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Brown Shades


Brown Color Names – 130 Shades with HEX and RGB Values

The color brown is the least popular color of all. There are many reasons for that and being so ordinary is probably the most obvious. Formally, it’s a tertiary color which means we can make it by mixing all three primary colors: yellow, red, and blue. Or, if we stay in RGB model: red and green.

While it’s very hard to find a person who will declare brown as his or her favorite color, we still can’t do without it. After all, brown, the color of the earth, is the most natural of all colors in the world. Depending on the shade, there are numerous (more than a thousand!) brown colors that can be mixed with different degrees of red, yellow, and blue with the addition of white or black to doctor the tint.

It’s our mission to present this interesting color which is unjustly omitted from the company logos and other graphics meant to attract our intention and sympathies. At the moment there are 130 different colors of brown sorted by logical groups, depending on their names and origins. We already have more than 100 additional shades waiting to be processed by our designers and introduced to the world.

Enjoy the already-shown brown colors and stay tuned for more!

Color Brown with values by different standards

What, exactly, is perceived as color brown?

#964B00 (150, 75, 0) Brown
#993300 (153,51,0) Brown (Web Safe)
#794E3E (121, 77, 62) Brown (RAL)
#AF593E (175, 89, 62) Brown (Crayola)
#3A1F04 (58, 31, 4) Brunette

As you can see, our perception of ‘perfect’ brown differs from one standard to another. So we have many colors with a simple name: brown. Yes, brunette means brown in French. It’s up to you which of the browns above you’ll perceive as yours truly brown.

Dark Brown Colors

When we say brown, our first image is probably one of the darker tones. We’ll see many of them, her is just an example of five dark brown shades with the name directly insinuating they are dark.

#5C4033 (92, 64, 51) Dark Brown
#654321 (101, 67, 33) Dark Brown (color-meanings)
#410200 (65, 2, 0) Deep Brown
#73624A (115, 98, 74) Heavy Brown
#403330 (64, 51, 48) Night Brown

Despite the fact it’s always a strong, authoritative tone, dark brown can be very warm and comforting, which depends on the used red in the mixture. These colors are among the most used hair dyes.

Lighter Colors of Brown

The light brown color is also widespread in nature. It’s the color of several wood types, different fruits of nature, types of wheat, …

#7F5112 (127, 81, 18) Medium Brown
#876E4B (135, 110, 75) Dull Brown
#B7825F (183, 130, 95) Soft Brown
#B5651D (181, 101, 29) Light Brown
#B1907F (177, 144, 127) Pastel Brown

If you compare the codes for darker and lighter shades of brown, you’ll see the values of red and green are significantly higher, while the values for blue are also higher but not to the same extent. Most of the colors above are warm and easy on the eye which makes them a popular choice for coloring the elements of our homes, like walls, or everyday lives, like cloth.

We’ll find many more lighter tones of brown a bit later.

Brown Color Names, Combined with Other Colors

Next set of names is a bit iffy yet we’ll present them anyway.

#A52A2A (51, 24, 0) Red-Brown
#34080E (52, 8, 14) Scarlet Brown
#BC8F8F (188, 143, 143) Rosy Brown
#C27E79 (194,126,121) Pinkish Brown
#9E4638 (158, 70, 56) Coral Brown

We already know the importance of the percentage of each primary color in the mix leading to brown color. Often one of the primaries dominates what can lead to the name. Yet, it’s good to know, there are many standards for naming the colors, so you’ll very likely find two colors with the same name but different HEX codes or with the same color values but totally different names.

#B16002 (177, 96, 2) Orange Brown
#996515 (153, 101, 21) Golden Brown
#696112 (105, 97, 18) Greenish Brown
#7F7053 (127, 112, 83) Gray Brown
#7A6A4F (122, 106, 79) Grayish Brown

Due to its warmth and energy orange-brown color above is one of the most popular brown shades. It’s used especially as a hair color and as a color of smaller elements of living rooms.

#922B05 (146, 43, 5) Brown Red
#8D8468 (141, 132, 104) Brown Gray
#565044 (86, 80, 68) Brown Gray (RAL)
#AB814F (171, 129, 79) Brown Beige
#DFD0C0 (223, 208, 192) Brown Cream

This set of names is still made of combinations with other colors but with the other color as the second in the name. Gray, in all its variations, is the most frequent in this case. We can actually play with different tones of brown just adding a bit of white or black, creating dozens of interesting results suitable for our projects.

#86775F (134, 119, 95) Brownish Gray
#9E3623 (158, 54, 35) Brownish Red
#7B403B (123, 64, 59) Brownish Red (Eggradients)
#76424E (118, 66, 78) Brownish Purple
#B05F03 ((176, 95, 3) Brownish Orange

The family of brown colors named as combinations with other colors ends with a set of brownish colors with their codes. We can look at them as primary or secondary colors with an addition of brown (in practice this means an addition of some other primary or secondary), but they are still all brown colors by definition.

Brown Color Names Related to Plants

Many elements of plants are brown. Wood is probably the first association coming to one’s mind. Here is a set of five shades of wood brown color to start.

#C19A6B (193, 154, 107) Wood Brown
#402F1D (64, 47, 29) Wood Brown (Louisem)
#855E42 (133, 94, 66) Dark Wood
#DEB887 (222, 184, 135) Burlywood
#CEBAA8 (206, 186, 168) Firewood

As we see, something seemingly as simple as a wood color code can already provide a challenge to the designer. There are so many shades available, we definitely need more data, than just the name. And this is just the beginning.

Tan Color Codes

Tan is a very light shade of brown. The name comes from the Latin tannum, which means oak bark. Oak bark was traditionally used for tanning leather. As you’ll see even this specific shade of brown can be derived in more ‘sub-shades’.

#D2B48C (210, 180, 140) Tan
#988558 (152, 133, 88) Dark Tan
#A75502 (167, 85, 2) Windsor Tan
#C4915E (196,145,94) Mid Tan
#ECDEC9 (236, 222, 201) Light Tan

Tan has several synonyms: tawny, fulvous, tenne. As expected, we can find even more shades of tan in this family. Compare them and try to spot a difference between both Pantone Tawny Brown colors. They also share their names with only one letter being different. Looking at their RGB codes, it’s obvious the shares of red and green are very close in both cases with the percentage of blue being only slightly more different.

#CD5700 (205, 87, 0) Tawny
#A9836F (171, 133, 111) Tawny Brown Pantone / PMS 17-1226 TPG
#A9836A (169, 131, 106) Tawny Brown Pantone / PMS 17-1226 TPX
#E48400 (228,132,0) Fulvous
#97572B (151,87,43) Leather Brown

For good measure, we also added the color Leather Brown, which is directly related to tan and tanning.

Let’s continue with more tones of brown, related to wood.

#C04000 (192, 64, 0) Mahogany
#806517 (128, 101, 23) Oak Brown
#4B3A26 (75, 58, 38) Cedar
#351E10 (53, 30, 16) Hickory
#645452 (100, 84, 82) Wenge

Above you can compare different shades of brown, associated with specific types of trees. Wenge is probably the most exotic among them. Yet, if you got seriously involved in buying furniture, this dark brown shade will probably pop up very soon. Originally, it’s the name of a very dark brown, almost black wood of a sort of tree (Millettia laurentii) growing in West Africa. Yet we can also compare this color with Cedar and Hickory which are even daker.

#996633 (153, 102, 51) Bark
#79443B (121, 68, 59) Bole
#AC9464 (172, 148, 100) Teak
#C8B560 (200,181,96) Fall Leaf Brown
#E2C28E (226, 194, 142) Birdseed

Different Shades of Brown Names Related to Fruits

A huge family of chestnuts brings some of the most popular shades of warm dark brown colors, especially in demand for hair dying. While it’s interesting to compare colors of chestnut and maroon (very close in a botanical sense, but not the same), it’s probably intriguing to compare both with other fruits.

If you want to find even more colors named after chestnut and maroon, check the article about red shades.

#954535 (149, 69, 53) Chestnut
#986960 (152, 105, 96) Dark Chestnut
#800000 (128, 0, 0) Maroon
#713930 (113, 57, 48) Raisin Brown
#965A3E (150, 90, 62) Coconut

In contrast, we have also choose two extremes: very small fruit such as a raisin (dry grape) and huge coconut. But this is not all. Many more brown fruits can be found in nature and some of them are presented below together with HTML (HEX) codes and RGB values.

#D7A98C (215, 169, 140) Acorn
#5C5248 (92, 82, 72) Walnut Brown
#EFDECD (239, 222, 205) Almond
#FFEBCD (255, 235, 205) Blanched Almond
#B0724A (176, 114, 74) Burnt Almond

Almond is another great example of how the naming of brown shades very fast becomes complex and in many cases too demanding even for color experts. Even if we find a consensus on the sort of almond in a specific phase of maturity, we will very likely sooner or later make some kind of impact on it. In the case of almonds, we treat them with heat, of course.

#5B3A29 (91, 58, 41) Hazelnut Brown
#D2691E (210, 105, 30) Cocoa Brown
#48260D (72, 38, 13) Pecan
#795C32 (121, 92, 50) Peanut
#AF642B (175, 100, 43) Date Fruit Brown

Family of Brown Food-Related Shades

Nature is loaded with edible products and already-presented fruits (many of them being brown or at least brownish!) are a great start to dive into samples of colors, closely associated with foods.

We have already mentioned cocoa. So why don’t we start with chocolate?

Or shall we say chocolates?

#7B3F00 (123, 63, 0) Chocolate
#9E5B40 (158, 91, 64) Bitter Chocolate
#352620 (53, 38, 32) Dark Chocolate
#A86E53(168, 110, 83) Milk Chocolate
#EDE6D6 (237, 230, 214) White Chocolate Color

After cocoa, we definitely couldn’t skip the family of chocolate brown colors. We could probably find at least a few dozen of more brown shades with chocolate-related names but for this article, it’s probably better to continue with other edibles.

Bread and its’ cousins, tortilla included, is one of them.

#DACBA9 (218, 203, 169) Baked Bread
#D2AD84 (210, 173, 132) Butter Toast
#8D7D77 (141, 125, 119) Cinnamon Toast
#997950 (153, 121, 80) Tortilla
#FFF8DC (255, 248, 220) Corn Silk

While we are at basic foods, we can’t skip the meat and meat-related products. You got it right. Brown color in several different hues, tints, and shades, is influential in this sector too!

#9F724B (159, 114, 75) Roast Brown
#E3DAC9 (227, 218, 201) Bone zelo siva
#534B4F (83, 75, 79) Liver
#E5B73B (229, 183, 59) Meat Brown
#BB8866 (187, 136, 102) Carnal Brown

Caramel Brown, Anybody?

If you are in the mood for something sweet, sugar can be brown as well. We have already mentioned how shades of brown change when we apply some heat and sugar is no exception. Even if we start with perfectly white chrystals we soon got lovely brownish tones as a result of the dehydration of carbon hydrate.

This led us to caramel and related edibles.

#492000 (73, 32, 0) Syrup
#AF6F09 (175, 111, 9) Caramel
#FFD59A (255, 213, 154) Caramel Color
#B87A59 (184, 122, 89) Caramel Apple
#A17249 (161, 114, 73) Brown Sugar

Sweet liquids don’t end here. Apart from caramel, we need to address at least maple syrup and honey, right? And, of course, both pair perfectly with butter leading to more interesting brownish shades.

#C9A38D (201, 163, 141) Maple Sugar
#BB9351 (187, 147, 81) Maple Syrup
#BA9238 (186, 146, 56) Honey Brown
#EFE0CD (239, 224, 205) Buttercream
#F1EBDA (241, 235, 218) Buttery Brown

We have more than a dozen brown food-related colors with codes in our depository, waiting to be sorted in groups, but at the moment, it’s time to end the journey through brownish colors of food.

How about a drink?

Brown Color Names Named After Drinks

There are many brown drinks out there and coffee is probably at the top of the list. Coffee, in its countless versions which are getting even more numerous each and every day. Even if we call it black coffee, we always deal with more or less dark shades of brown.

Here is a set of the first five coffee brown shades.

#6F4E37 (111, 78, 55) Coffee
#704241 (112, 66, 65) Deep Coffee
#4B3621 (75, 54, 33) Cafe Noir
#4A2C2A (74, 44, 42) Brown Coffee
#38250E (56, 37, 14) Espresso Brown

There are as many versions of coffee as there are coffee drinkers. some prefer a quick shot of energy, while others enjoy sipping it. some want it black (meaning without anything in the cup except the coffee), and others add sugar, milk, cream, and even alcoholic drinks.

Some sorts of coffee became so popular they expanded from local curiosities to true ambassadors of their inventors. Here we go with a second set of coffee colors with HEX and RGB codes.

#5C3925 (92, 57, 37) Irish Coffee
#7D6757 (125, 103, 87) Roman Coffee
#483F39 (72, 63, 57) Turkish Coffee
#A88B70 (168, 139, 112) Affogato
#967969 (150, 121, 105) Mocha

Milk and dairy products such as cream or ice cream are an especially popular addition to coffee drinks which already vary by brown shades depending on the sort of coffee beans and type of preparation. We can add just a few drops of milk or we can go to the other extreme, finishing with just a hint of coffee in milk.

#7A706C (122, 112, 108) Americano
#BCADA3 (188, 173, 163) Cappuccino
#C0A386 (192, 163, 134) Cortado
#928168 (146, 129, 104) Macchiato
#3F3230 (63, 50, 48) Ristretto

The last set of coffee brown colors for designers, coffee lovers, and all curious people who want to learn something new has an addition of Frappe Color, which expands a whole new set of possibilities in the area of browns. We also included Chicory which is widely used as a coffee substitute.

#C5A582 (197, 165, 130) Latte
#A67B5B (166, 123, 91) Cafe Au Lait
#B18F6A (177, 143, 106) Iced Coffee
#D1B7A0 (209, 183, 160) Frappe
#A78658 (167, 134, 88) Chicory

To be fair, we have to add at least one set of tea-related colors. They are brown drinks too, aren’t they?

#DAC395 (218, 195, 149) Chamomile
#999B85(153, 155, 133) Tea Color
#B1832F (177, 131, 47) Chai
#A23C26 (162,60,38) Rooibos Tea
#923C01 (146, 60, 1) Iced Tea

We are done with beverages for now and ready to conclude our journey in the land of brown-colored drinks. Champagne, whiskey, and brandy should also be included in the list. Recently especially the family of Champagne colors is in high demand, as we can see, among other examples in this list of light pink paint colors.

#C9A86A (201, 168, 106) Ginger Ale
#D2975D (210, 151, 93) Whiskey
#FAD6A5 (250, 214, 165) Champagne
#DCB68A (220, 182, 138) Brandy
#9A463D (154, 70, 61) Cognac

This is the end of the article for time being. Expect some more browns to be added in the future. The world of animals, minerals, or just everyday objects offers many many more!

If you learned something interesting and useful, share it with others. Bye!


Light Pink Paint


Light pink paints are a classic choice for painting interiors for many years and their popularity is growing. Pink paint, especially pale, muted tones, goes great with almost all other colors and gives us countless possible combinations for creating a unique feel for every imaginable home.

Due to its soothing, feminine effect, pastel pink paints found their way to living rooms and bedrooms, and are one of the first choices for painting the walls of girls’ bedrooms and studies. Did you know that certain hues of pink paint are used in correctional institutions to calm down the aggressiveness of the prisoners?

By definition soft pink paint color is made of some red and a lot of white. The more white, the more soft pink color we’ll achieve. To play a bit with the warmth of the final result, some yellow and blue may be added as well.

Let’s take a look at the light pink paints available on the market with examples and HEX and RGB codes.

Pale Pink Paint Colors for Walls

Pale pinks are by definition pink colors with a lot of white pigment. White is so dominant that pink can be seen only as an undertone.

#FAE3DD (250, 227, 221) Behr Soft Pink
#FDEBE5 (253, 235, 229) Peintures MF Chaleur / Benjamin Moore Soft Pink
#F7EBE7 (247, 235, 231) Asian Paints Pearly Pink / Rodda Paint Soft Shell / Cloverdale Paint Soft Shell
#F9E9E6 (249, 233, 230) Scib Paints Pale Perfection / Vista Paint Pale Perfection / Berger Pale Perfection / Behr Hush Pink
#F6EAE5 (246, 234, 229) Wattyl Fairy White / Asian Paints Divine Pink / Rodda Paint Pale Petals / Cloverdale Paint Pale Petals

Paint makers sometimes use a bit poetic names for their products, yet it’s obvious they all offer almost the same thing – soft, calming paints with a bit of pink which gives some warmth to your room walls.

#F0E3E6 (240, 227, 230) Porter Paints Pastel Pink / PPG Pittsburgh Paints Pastel Pink
#EBDED6 (235, 222, 214) Diamond Vogel Cliffswallow / ECOS Paints Cliffswallow
#F2E2DC (242, 226, 220) Olympic Plaster Pink / Pantone PMS Pastel 9241
#E5DCD5 (229, 220, 213) CIL Pink Suede / Pantone PMS 11-0603 TPG Pastel Parchment
#FCFAF8 (252, 250, 248) Brighto Paints Pink Champagne

You already noticed light and pale are often used interchangeably, even though they differ by definition – light can be much more energetic and at least in theory made without the addition of white. Yet in practice both groups of pinkish paints often overlap and to make our lives even more interesting, paint factories describe their colors with soft and pastels as well.

#F8EAE3 (248, 234, 227) Benjamin Moore Shell Pink
#F3E2E6 (243, 226, 230) Benjamin Moore Ballerina Pink
#F5EAE7 (245, 234, 231) Benjamin Moore Pink Bliss
#F7E7E1 (247, 231, 225) Behr My Sweetheart
#F7E1DC (247, 225, 220) Sherwin-Williams Laurel Pink

Benjamin Moore is one of the most popular paint producers and their family of pink paints is in constant demand. In the set of paints above you can compare three of their products with two different (and also extremely popular) makers of pink wall paints: Behr and Sherwin-Williams. Both of them are represented below as well.

#F2E6E6 (242, 230, 230) Behr Pink Prism
#F6E9E8 (246, 233, 232) Sherwin-Williams Fancy Pink
#EEE9DC (238, 233, 220) Glidden Cream Puff / Coronado Paint Campiello / PPG Pittsburgh Paints Cream Puff
#EFE9DD (239, 233, 221) Nerolac Old Charm / Porter Paints Cream Puff / Behr Villa White
#F6E7E2 (246, 231, 226) Sherwin-Williams Cosmetic Blush

Some soft pink paints have a slightly yellowish feel which makes them even warmer and livelier. They are, of course, very neutral and great to paint with more powerful colors for furniture, decor, and other surfaces.

#F0EBE9 (240, 235, 233) Designers Guild Frost / Behr White Dogwood
#EAE6DE (234, 230, 222) Scib Paints White Now! / 8476 / Porter Paints Dogwood Blossom / Vista Paint White Now! / Berger White Now! / PPG Pittsburgh Paints Dogwood Blossom
#E8E4DB (232, 228, 219) Asian Paints White Delight / CIL Kitten White / Olympic Dogwood Blossom
#F3ECEA (243, 236, 234) Behr Touch of the Pink
#EFE5E4 (239, 229, 228) Olympic Bare Pink / Taubmans Iris Haze

This is the last set of pale pink paint colors, called barely pink paints. Some makers don’t even use the word pink in their names and rather go for plants or even animals. We will continue with a bit more intensive light pink paints for interiors.

Soft Pink Paint

We are still in the huge and popular family of light pink paints but the next few sets will perform significantly warmer thanks to greater values of red pigment in the mixture. For starters, let’s see what Benjamin Moore has to offer:

#FDE8E6 (253, 232, 230) Benjamin Moore Touch Of Pink
#FFCDD8 (255, 205, 216) Benjamin Moore Light Chiffon Pink
#FAE7E9 (250, 231, 233) Benjamin Moore Elephant Pink
#FDE7E4 (253, 231, 228) Benjamin Moore Powder Pink
#FACBD0 (250, 203, 208) Benjamin Moore Pastel Pink

Benjamin Moore offers a huge selection of pinkish paints for walls, differentiating by gentle hues of reddish, yellowish, and bluish undertones. All are very popular due to their ability to pair with other paint colors.

The next set offers a few pink paints with champagne in their names. While we all expect a bit of yellow in those colors, you’ll find a few champagne pink paint colors in the next groups of paints, where other hues are present.

#FFEFF3 (255, 239, 243) California Paints Pink Champagne / Dunn-Edwards Powder Puff
#F1DDE1 (241, 221, 225) Clark+Kensington Pink Champagne
#FEDCE7 (254, 220, 231) ProMarker Pale Pink
#F7CAC1 (247, 202, 193) Glidden Rose Pink / PPG Pittsburgh Paints Rose Pink
#E8DADD (232, 218, 221) ICI Paints Harem Pink / Dulux Waterlily Blush 6

Here we go with another set of light pink paints available by different paint makers. They look petty similar, yet each one of them with a special feeling that you can create in your bedroom, living room, or other places in your home. All are warm, optimistic, and energetic like modern users expect from wall paints.

#FFE9E4 (255, 233, 228) Brighto Paints Rose Pink
#F7DBD9 (247, 219, 217) Behr Princess Pink
#EED2D4 (238, 210, 212) Glidden Princess Pearl Pink
#FDE0DB (253, 224, 219) Rodda Paint My Sweetheart / Cloverdale Paint My Sweetheart
#FDE0DD (253, 224, 221) Scib Paints My Sweetheart / Vista Paint My Sweetheart / Berger My Sweetheart

#F9DCD7 (249, 220, 215) Coronado Paint My Sweetheart
#FFE3E0 (255, 227, 224) Duron Laurel Pink
#FFEDF3 (255, 237, 243) Duron Fancy Pink
#FDE9E3 (253, 233, 227) Benjamin Moore Frosty Pink
#F6DEDE (246, 222, 222) Duron White Dogwood / Devoe Paint Delicious

Ever heard about millennial pink paint? Well, the term was coined in the late 2010s and is used for a whole family of light pink shades. While you’ll find an html code for millennial pink color #F3CFC6 and RGB (243, 207, 198), the producers of paints got several ideas on how should millennial pink actually look on the wall.

Here is a set of millennial pink paints made by Sherwin-Williams.

#F1CAD3 (241, 202, 211) Sherwin-Williams Reverie Pink
#E3B5A8 (227, 181, 168) Sherwin-Williams Mellow Coral
#E8B9AE (232, 185, 174) Sherwin-Williams Rachel Pink
#D6C8C0 (214, 200, 192) Sherwin-Williams Unfussy Beige
#E3B7B1 (227, 183, 177) Sherwin-Williams Gracious Rose

The tones of millennial pink vary from gentle pink to more yellowish, greyish, and blueish hues. The assortment is, obviously, much wider when we take into account, other paint makers. Maybe we’ll present some of them in the future.

Blush Pink Paint

Blush pink paints are bolder colors with more intense red tones. They are cozy, inviting, and invigorating. Modern interior designers use them for smaller places like closets, laundry rooms, powder rooms, and home offices.

#EBBBB1 (235, 187, 177) Valspar Paint Soft Pink
#E4A5A9 (228, 165, 169) Glidden Soft French Pink
#FAB4D8 (250, 180, 216) Apple Barrel Light Pink 20535
#FABFBF (250, 191, 191) Apple Barrel Light Pink 44844E
#FF9999 (255, 153, 153) Humbrol Pink / Light Salmon Pink

Because pink, especially lighter hues, pairs so well with neutrals, like beige, cream, ivory, and similar whiteish colors, we have virtually infinite possibilities to create a space according to our wishes. Sometimes the ceiling is painted with the same light paint color, sometimes only three-quarters of the walls are covered and the top (together with a ceiling) is left white, to make an optical illusion of larger or higher space.

#FADADD (250, 218, 221) Glidden Powder Pink
#EEC4C9 (238, 196, 201) Albany Paint Powder Pink
#F6B6BB (246, 182, 187) Behr Ballerina Pink
#F8A3BC (248, 163, 188) Apple Barrel Princess Pink / Pantone / PMS 189 C
#FFB1CF (255, 177, 207) Valspar Paint Princess Pink

Again, paint factories use sometimes pretty poetical names for their products. Powder pink paint is actually a conservative solution, while Princess Pink or Ballerina Pink clearly alludes to the girlish feel of the result.

Pale Pink Paint Colors With Yellowish Hues

The next group of light pink paints has a distinctive addition of yellowish tones. This makes them live, energetic, and optimistic.

#F7D7CC (247, 215, 204) Benjamin Moore Pale Pink Satin
#FFEAD8 (255, 234, 216) Kansai Paint Pastel Pink
#F8EBD4 (248, 235, 212) Sherwin-Williams Dollop Of Cream / Taubmans Blush Pink / Bristol Blush Pink
#F1DDCF (241, 221, 207) Clark+Kensington Pacific Coral
#F3E5DC (243, 229, 220) Resene Fair Pink / Glidden Champagne Ice / Nippon Paint Penelope Pink / PPG Pittsburgh Paints Champagne Ice

Those pastel pink paint colors are great for living rooms, playrooms, or other places where we spend a lot of time or hang out with visitors. They can be used in very different ways depending on the lighting conditions.

#FDE1D9 (253, 225, 217) Taubmans Elephant Pink / T12 28.A2 / Bristol Elephant Pink / P073-W1
#F7E8E2 (247, 232, 226) Benjamin Moore Gentle Butterfly / 2173-70 / Hint Of Pink / 884 / Coronado Paint 8060 – Devon Dawn
#E2D0B8 (226, 208, 184) Kansai Paint Rose Pink
#FFF1E8 (255, 241, 232) Diamond Paint Princess Pink
#FEEBDC (254, 235, 220) Sanderson Peony Pink

If we compare, for instance, Elephant Pink and Hint of Pink, we notice that we are dealing with colors similar to champagne pinks, but with less intensive yellow. This muted effect has a calming effect, which can be used for all places where we want to relax. Or maybe meditate?

#F4E3C7 (244, 227, 199) ICI Paints Lace Corsage / Behr Cream Puff
#FBE3AB (251, 227, 171) Taubmans Cream Puff
#FFEEC8 (255, 238, 200) Rodda Paint Cornmeal / Sanderson Cream Puff Lt / Cloverdale Paint Cornmeal
#FFF1D8 (255, 241, 216) California Paints Vintage Lace / Pascol Angel’s Glow / Dunn-Edwards Cream Puff
#EAD9D0 (234, 217, 208) Fuller OBrien Pink Champagne

This group of yellowish pink paints, made by slightly less known paint makers is a bit brighter, with a more playful effect. Several paints use the word cream in their names insinuating soft whitish yellowish tones.

Rose Pink Paint

If yellowish pinks make you feel more energetic, more orange tones give you determination and power. The next few groups of paints still belong to light pinks yet they are the most intense so far. The reason is a higher percentage of red pigment which, with an addition of yellow, create a fresh and flowery or fruity feeling.

#FA906C (250, 144, 108) Valspar Paint Pink Blush
#FFCDC5 (255, 205, 197) ProMarker Pastel Pink
#E7C1B5 (231, 193, 181) Behr Pink Blush
#FEE4D2 (254, 228, 210) Valspar Paint Champagne Pink
#FFD0C4 (255, 208, 196) Taubmans Pink Elephant / Peintures MF Nuance de peche / Bristol Pink Elephant

Orange-pink paints also come on the market in numerous variations, from bolder almost orange to gentler almost greyish-white tones. The producers found inspiration everywhere, from nature and geography to breakfast food and personal cosmetic products.

#FFE1D4 (255, 225, 212) Taubmans White Feather / Resene Sentimental / Bristol Powder Pink
#F8CEC5 (248, 206, 197) Sico Pink Powder-Puff
#EFBE9E (239, 190, 158) Chrysler Shell Pink
#FFCEC4 (255, 206, 196) Taubmans Pink Sea Shell/ Bristol Pink Sea Shell
#F6E4D9 (246, 228, 217) Pantone PMS 11-1306 TCX Cream Pink / Taubmans Bare Pink

The next group of orangey-pink paints is the palest pink in the family. Five different popular brand marks offer relatively similar neutral pink paints with clear orange undertones. All presented colors pair great with numerous darker colors.

#F8DBCF (248, 219, 207) Taubmans Pink Bliss
#F9E9E4 (249, 233, 228) Benjamin Moore Cream Puff
#FCE8E1 (252, 232, 225) Farrow & Ball Middleton Pink
#EFDED8 (239, 222, 216) Sherwin-Williams White Dogwood
#F6E2D7 (246, 226, 215) Duron Alluring White / Behr Island Hopping / Farrow & Ball Pink Ground

More Neutral Pink Paint Examples

We have already explored soft pink paints with only a hint of pink, with an addition of yellow or orange, and stronger tones of pink. It’s time to see if there are even more pastel pink paints on the market.

Yes, of course, there are many other popular products in this area. The next few sets of paints look a bit more brownish, even earthy, which gives us countless opportunities for usage in interiors and exteriors.

#E5C9BC (229, 201, 188) Pratt & Lambert King’s Arms Rose Pink Medium Light
#D2AD9F (210, 173, 159) Pratt & Lambert King’s Arms Rose Pink
#F5D6BF (245, 214, 191) Taubmans Soft Pink / Bristol Soft Pink
#F2D9CC (242, 217, 204) Benjamin Moore Love & Happiness
#EDD1C2 (237, 209, 194) Dulux Australia Pale Pink

All presented pink pants are soft, pale, and light, with a hint of yellow and some green which makes them a bit brownish, sometimes edging on beige or cream which are classic choices for painting the walls for many many years.

#E4C1AE (228, 193, 174) 1829 Pale Salmon Pink
#BA929C (186, 146, 156) Wattyl Posh Pink / New Look Flush Blush
#F2E9E4 (242, 233, 228) Devoe Paint Elizabethan / Earthpaint Pink Champagne / CHROMATIC Rose Arum
#F4D5CE (244, 213, 206) Behr Pink Elephant
#C9947F (201, 148, 127) Matthews Paint Pressed Rose Pink

The group of pinkish paints above is interesting for their diversity. While all give an earthy, muted appearance, they are obviously very contrasting. While Posh Pink from Wattyl looks almost purple, we could easily characterize Elizabethan by Devoe Paint as white.

Speaking of white, check the next group of very light pink paints.

Is There the Palest Pink Paint?

#E7DDDE (231, 221, 222) Glidden Wood Anemone Pink / Dulux Pale Peony
#EBD4CE (235, 212, 206) Brighto Paints Day Dawn / Behr Ole Pink
#DEB2AF (222, 178, 175) Dulux Australia Princess Pink
#FBE1DE (251, 225, 222) Taubmans Pink Peony / Bristol Pink Peony
$DFCFD1 (223, 207, 209) Levis Gentle Peony / CIL Nouvelle Pink

While technically all the colors above belong to orangeish pinks, we are definitely still dealing with pale pinks with orange subtones. These paints are very neutral and can be used almost universally.

More Blush Pink Paints Examples

We have already presented several blush pink paint colors. They all have a bit of blue which makes pink purplish. This leads to a more dramatic, yet sweet effect. Blush paints are a popular choice for walls in different interiors, from living rooms to bedrooms. We selected lighter shades varying from creamy and greyish to magenta and mauve shades.

#E8D1D7 (232, 209, 215) Earthpaint Candle Light Pink
#F3E3EB (243, 227, 235) Brighto Paints Candle Light Pink
#F4CEE3 (244, 206, 227) Asian Paints Blush Pink
#EDE1E5 (237, 225, 229) Porter Paints Pink Champagne / PPG Pittsburgh Paints Pink Champagne
#E1CCD1 (225, 204, 209) Duron Studio Mauve / ICI Paints Pink Champagne

While Behr, Benjamin Moore, Farrow and Ball, Sherwin-Williams, and Valspar dominate the market, we made an effort to present some other paint makers as well. All these paint colors pair well with blue and green paints, but they can look especially great with glass and metal.

#EDC5D3 (237, 197, 211) Earthpaint Pink Elephant
#F8D6E6 (248, 214, 230) Brighto Paints Pink Elephant
#D3BFC1 (211, 191, 193) Levis Diadeem / Dulux Powder Pink
#EADEE3 (234, 222, 227) Glidden Floral Twist Pink / Pantone PMS 11-2509 TPG Calcite / Earthpaint Perfume Powder
#ECC4E0 (236, 196, 224) Plascon Sea Shell Pink

We are ending this article about light pink paint colors for the moment. Just for the moment. Because there are dozens of interesting, inspiring, and inviting paints already on the market with always something new to explore. So expect more in the future, because pale pinks are here to stay!


The Colors of Roses and Their Meanings


Roses are by far the most popular flowers in the world. Their gentle petals and sharp thorns make an instant dramatic impact. Roses’ colors tell many interesting stories which evolve through time and cultures. We can’t imagine Valentine’s day without them.

But there’s a catch. What does the color of a specific rose actually tell? Is there a difference if you send a single rose or a bouquet? Are red roses saying the same, no matter the shade? We intend to provide you at least a basic insight into the fascinating world of roses’ colors and their sometimes obvious but in many cases very subtle meanings connected with often very complicated symbolism.

At the end of this article, you should be able to understand the message of the rose you are sending or receiving. You should also know how to paint a rose (learn how to draw a rose here) and effectively use it as an authentic gift or a decorative element in a design.

For starters, we’ll provide facts about ten different colors of roses and their meanings. We have already prepared material for at least half a dozen more rose colors in near future, so don’t think about this article as a complete story yet. It will expand soon. And it will probably continue to expand for many more years …

Meanings of Red Roses

Red roses tell a story about desire, longing, love, and passion. What a bouquet of red roses says instead of the sender? ‘I love you!’ Deeper the color, the more ready you are for a committed relationship.

#C21E56 (194, 30, 86) Rose Red (Htmlcolorcodes)
#FF033E (255, 3, 62) Rose Red (Canva) aka American Rose
#CD7687 (205, 118, 135) Rose Red Color (Color-Name)
#C21E56 (194, 30, 86) Rose Red Color (Eggradients)
#BE013C (190, 1, 60) Rose Red (Wikimix)

#FF5454 (255, 84, 84) Rose (Hexcolor)
#C08081 (192, 128, 129) Old Rose aka Ashes of Rose
#C4808A (196, 128, 138) Old Rose Red (Color Combos)
#AB4E52 (171, 78, 82) Rose Vale
#BE013C (190, 1, 60) Rose Red (XKCD)

#B94D58 (185, 77, 88) ICI Paints Red Red Rose
#C1565C (193, 86, 92) Devoe Paint Red Red Rose
#C75361 (199, 83, 97) Glidden Red Red Rose
#E71837 (231, 24, 55) Nanjing Automotive Group Rose Red Solid / Plymouth Antique Rose
#A93B46 (169, 59, 70) Glidden Red Rose Bouquet

#BB5A58 (187, 90, 88) Valspar Paint Deep Rose
#CD6D70 (205, 109, 112) Australian Standard Deep Rose
#A0372F (160, 55, 47) Benjamin Moore Deep Rose
#C28285 (194, 130, 133) Glidden Deep Dusty Rose
#BE594B (190, 89, 75) Diamond Vogel Sweet Baby Rose / ECOS Paints Sweet Baby Rose

#C4375C (196, 55, 92) Pantone Rose Red
#DD727D (221, 114, 125) Pantone Tea Rose
#CB555D (203, 85, 93) Rose Red
#905D5D (144, 93, 93) Rose Taupe
#B17376 (177, 115, 118) Benjamin Moore Burgundy Rose

Meanings of Pink Roses

What is the meaning of pink roses? While the red color of the roses reveals more intense feelings, the sender of the pink roses tries to disclose something gentler, and more sensible. Pink is for admiration, appreciation, elegance, and sweetness.

Of course, there are numerous shades, hues, and tints of pink roses as well.

FF66CC (255, 102, 204) Rose Pink
F9429E (249, 66, 158) Rose Bonbon
F653A6 (246, 83, 166) Brilliant Rose
F64A8A (246, 74, 138) French Rose
FF33CC (255, 51, 204) Razzle Dazzle Rose

#FE28A2 (254, 40, 162) Persian Rose
#C74375 (199, 67, 117) Fuchsia Rose
#D71868 (215, 24, 104) Dogwood Rose
#B3446C (179, 68, 108) Raspberry Rose
#A8516E (168, 81, 110) China Rose

#FF007F (255, 0, 128) Rose Color (HiSoUR)
#A26666 (162, 102, 102) Withered Rose Color
#FF0080 (255, 0, 128) Rose
#FF00CC (255, 0, 204) Rose (Safe Hex3)
#FFE4E1 (255, 228, 225) Misty Rose

#F7CAC1 (247, 202, 193) PPG Pittsburgh Paints Rose Pink / Glidden Rose Pink
#F0D6D7 (240, 214, 215) Porter Paints Rosey Cheeks
#EFD4D5 (239, 212, 213) Valspar Paint Rose Vanilla
#F4D2CF (244, 210, 207) Olympic Rose Radiance
#F7DFD7 (247, 223, 215) PPG Pittsburgh Paints Cameo Rose / Glidden Cameo Rose

White Rose – It’s Color Meaning

What’s the meaning of white roses? They suggest chastity, innocence, loyalty, and purity. White is the color of a new beginning but also farewells, so it’s perfect for weddings. A bouquet of white roses sends a message of recognition. ‘Yes, I am thinking about you!’

#FFEDE7 (255, 237, 231) Rose White (Html Css Color)
#FBEEE8 (251, 238, 232) Rose White (Crispedge)
#EBE0E4 (235, 224, 228) Rose White Color (Color-Name)
#F6FCFA (246, 252, 250) White Rose Color
#FEEEE6 (254, 238, 230) Rose White (Awsmcolor 293)

Purple Rose Color Meaning

Purple roses symbolize magic and are perfect for love at first sight. When you send a purple rose, you clearly admit your admiration of a receiver. After all, purple was reserved for royalty for centuries and is in many areas still used only on special occasions.

#5E2D79 Purple Rose
#B09FCA (176, 159, 202) Pantone Purple Rose
#C0428A (192, 66, 138) Pantone Rose Violet
#CB9AAD (203, 154, 173) Dutch Boy Purple Rose / Sherwin-Williams Rosebay
#CABCD2 (202, 183, 210) Glidden Quaint Purple Rose

#D8B9D8 (216, 185, 216) Crown Diamond Violet Rose
#BE8A97 (190, 138, 151) FolkArt Vintage Tea Rose
#DBA5C5 (219, 165, 197) Devoe Paint Tea Rose Garden
#A4707A (164, 112, 122) Dulux Australia Tea Rose
#D0ACCF (208, 172, 207) Behr Rose Purple

Lavender Rose Color Meaning

still working on it

The Meaning of Yellow Rose

Yellow roses are all about happiness and joy. When you send yellow roses to somebody you are celebrating life at its best moments. A yellow rose is probably the least romantic of all and the most suitable for sending to a platonic friend. It simply says: ‘Thanks for making me happy!’

#FFF000 (255, 240, 0) Yellow Rose
#EFBF4D (239, 191, 77) Adonis Rose Yellow
#FAEDC8 (250, 237, 200) Muralo Yellow Rose
#FFDB75 (255, 219, 117) CIL Yellow Rose / Devoe Paint Yellow Rose / Olympic Beach Ball
#FFD76E (255, 215, 110) ICI Paints Yellow Rose / Coronado Paint Country Sun

Did you know yellow roses symbolized jealousy in the 19th century? Getting a bouquet of yellow roses was a public accusation of betrayal or infidelity! It’s not clear how the meaning changed through time, yet it’s probably related to a simple fact – the message in most cases tells more about the sendee than the sender. Somebody who opted for a yellow rose showed himself or herself as a greedy and jealous person.

The role of the messager of such a negative image is nowadays somehow portrayed by a yellow hyacinth.

#FFDA71 (255, 218, 113) Devoe Paint Yellow Rose
#FFD65C (255, 214, 92) Taubmans Yellow Rose
#FFE27C (255, 226, 124) Glidden Yellow Rose
#F4E3A1 (244, 227, 161) Martha Stewart Living Yellow Rose
#F1DCA5 (241, 220, 165) Martha Stewart Living Tea Rose

Orange Rose Meaning

Orange roses communicate energy, fascination, and pride. Orange is a color of enthusiasm, perfect to express admiration to somebody. An orange rose can motivate you too, especially if you want to congratulate somebody on a certain achievement.

A bouquet of orange roses tells: ‘Great work. Keep it up!’

#DB7146 (219, 113, 70) Matthews Paint Orange Rose
#F9EDE0 (249, 237, 224) Behr Apricot Rose
#EF8957 (239, 137, 87) Valspar Paint Tomato Rose
#EB8B6E (235, 139, 110) Valspar Paint Amber Rose
#E98575 (233, 133, 117) Dulux Gypsy Rose

Meaning of Peach Rose

Peach is a shade of orange color. It’s actually a whole family of colors among a larger group. Peach orange colors are so influential they differ from the ‘normal’ orange (although we all know how many details can we find in there).

So, what’s the meaning of peach roses? They send a message of gratitude and sincerity. They are not so often used in romantic connotations as to a friend or a relative, especially to younger ones.

If you simply want to say: ‘Thank you!’, peach roses are the way to go.

#FFE6D8 (255, 230, 216) Light Peach Rose
#FDE2C5 (253, 226, 197) Peach Rose
#F6E3D5 (246, 227, 213) Peach Rose (Photokit)
#FFE3C6 (255, 227, 198) Vista Paint Peach Rose / Behr Fall Straw / Scib Paints Peach Rose / Berger Peach Rose
#FFDDBE (255, 221, 190) Rodda Paint Peach Rose/ Cloverdale Paint Peach Rose

Green Color Rose Meaning

Green is the color of fertility, harmony, health, and stability. Green roses are rare, yet more and more popular, so we’ll probably see more of them soon. On a symbolic level, they are great to send somebody with best wishes for good health.

A green rose sends a message of hope and recovery.

#DBF9DB (219, 249, 219) Light Rose Green
#292D74 (41, 45, 116) Blue Rose
#7D7CC0 (125, 124, 192) Rose Blue
#5C798A (92, 121, 138) Transmitter Shop Rose Blue
#B2B3CA (178, 179, 202) Dulux Blue Rose

As you can see, we managed to find only one green color officially connected to roses, and four for blue roses.

The obvious question is: what do blue roses mean? The meaning of blue roses is extrapolated from their extraordinariness. They represent lust, mystery, and unrequited love. When you know your love will never be fulfilled, a blue flower will say: ‘I love you even if it’s not meant to be.’

Black Rose Meaning

Black is the color of death but also represents authority, certainty, and confidence. Traditionally black roses were sent to enemies (especially very personal, even intimate ones) as a death wish, but nowadays this changed.

A black rose can send very positive messages, like: ‘I am over it. I am ready to move on. Although there is no more us, I believe in myself.’

#1C0506 (28, 5, 6) Black Rose Color (Color-Name)
#532934 (83, 41, 52) Black Rose (Crispedge)
#74053C (116, 5, 60) Black Rose (Hexcolor)
#532934 (83, 41, 52) Resene Black Rose
#88474E (136, 71, 78) Sico Black Rose

Did you spot the differences between black shades named after black roses? Black roses are rare like green and blue ones, so they are also connected to the mystery. So when you wanna say: ‘I am out of your life, and you’ll never know what you missed.’, a black rose can tell this instead of you.

To be continued.


Valentine’s Colors – dozens of shades with examples with HEX and RGB codes


What Are the Best Colors for St. Valentine’s Day?

Wanna pick a perfect set of Valentine’s colors? Are there only red, white, and pink, or could we expand the palette? What to wear and how to choose appropriate Valentine’s colors for nails?

We’ll present the official Valentine’s colors with their more and less known meanings to allow you to make the best of St. Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Red

Red is the obvious choice for Valentine’s. It’s the color of passion and love, life and blood. A bouquet of red roses is a classic gift for the lady of a gentleman’s heart. But we can do much more with the color red, especially if we are willing to dive a bit deeper and play with its numerous shades and countless combinations with other colors.

If you wander about Valentine’s color code, we got you covered. Let’s start with St. Valentine’s red colors:

#E55451 (229, 84, 81) Valentine Red (Computerhope)
#D41F3A (212, 31, 58) Valentine Red Color (Color Name)
#E72650 (231, 38, 80) Valentine Color (Color Name)
#B233B (155, 35, 59) Valentine Red Color (Crispedge)
#BC3440 (188, 52, 64) Valentine Red (Colourlovers)

The set of Valentine’s reds above comes from various unofficial web sources. Different international standards used to compile this list of red colors don’t have Valentine Red on the list. Yet.

But we all know things can change, right?

The paint makers already offer several red paints named after St. Valentine.

#AE3162 (174, 49, 98) Vista Paint Valentine’s Kiss / Berger Valentine’s Kiss / Scib Paints Valentine’s Kiss
#B44F51 (180, 79, 81) Sico Valentine Card / Crown Diamond Valentine Card
#A5414D (165, 65, 77) Benjamin Moore My Valentine
#DC6B6E (220, 107, 110) CIL Funny Valentine
#DF6B6B (223, 107, 107) Devoe Paint Funny Valentine / Color Your World Funny Valentine

It’s always interesting to note how the perception of color, even if it’s associated with a specific action, event, feeling, or, in this case, holiday, varies. Different companies see Valentine’s Red paint as presented above and below.

#D86367 (216, 99, 103) ICI Paints Funny Valentine
#A53A4E (165, 58, 78) Sherwin-Williams Valentine
#984053 (152, 64, 83) MyPerfectColor Valentine Red
#DE6167 (222, 97, 103) Dulux Funny Valentine
#AA323A (170, 50, 58) Sico Valentine

We are not finished with the list of Red Valentine’s paints. If you are looking for the next color of your walls, don’t forget it’s a vibrant color, loaded with energy, and definitely not suitable for places where you need peace and focus.

Even if you are aiming for intensity and passion, you should probably think about such paint only in balance with very carefully chosen other colors (edges, furniture, ceiling, …).

#AA3132 (170, 49, 50) Crown Diamond Valentine
#A23B4E (162, 59, 78) Sherwin-Williams My Valentine
#BB3E3B (187, 62, 59) PPG Pittsburgh Paints Valentine
#972438 (151, 36, 56) Kelly-Moore Valentine Red
#DD636A (221, 99, 106) Canadian Tire Funny Valentine

Red is the first choice for St. Valentine’s Day. It works best in combination with white and we managed to find a few white (or whiteish) colors too.

White Paints for St. Valentine’s Day

White is the color of youth and innocence. It’s the color of new beginnings. If you just started a romance with somebody, white should be very appropriate for Valentine’s.

#FBF3ED (251, 243, 237) Behr Happy Valentine
#DCCBCB (220, 203, 203) Do it Best Valentine Lace
#D7CAC9 (215, 202, 201) ColorLife Valentine / Colorwheel Valentine / Kwal Paints CL Valentine
#F3D9D6 (243, 217, 214) Glidden Scented Valentine / PPG Pittsburgh Paints Scented Valentine
#F2DDE7 (242, 221, 231) Clark+Kensington My Valentine

White works great for backgrounds and even white paints in our list don’t look completely white, their pinkish, creamy, or beige hues perfectly complement most of the reds presented before. This is useful for any kind of design you are planning.

Valentine’s Pink

As a mixture of red and white pink tries to catch the best of both worlds. It’s lively as red and soft as white. This is a color of admiration and elegance. Pink is undoubtedly the most feminine color of all.

#F6ADC6 (246, 173, 198) Valentine Pink (Colorsexplained)
#BA779F (186, 119, 159) Behr Valentine Heart
#893C60 (137, 60, 96) Earthpaint Sweet Valentine
#E7D2D5 (231, 201, 213) Olympic My Valentine
#E3A4C5 (227, 164, 197) ICI Valentine Pink

While by definition pink is made of red and white, we can play with the proportions to get dozens of different shades. When we add a certain percentage of yellow and blue, things become more complicated.

#F7C5D8 (247, 197, 216) Bristol Valentine’s Day
#E2A3C4 (226, 163, 196) Ameritone Devoe Valentine Pink / Canadian Tire Valentine Pink
#F4CBE5 (244, 203, 229) Benjamin Moore Valentine’s Day
#E3A6C5 (227, 166, 197) CIL Valentine Pink
#E6A6BE (230, 166, 190) Devoe Paint Valentine Pink

Some pink paints look more purplish, some are inclined to orange, and some are so pale, they edge on bright grey. In any case, the paint producers offer so many pink colors named after Valentine, everybody can find something for himself.

#EFC1CB (239, 193, 203) Dutch Boy Valentine Pink
#EAA5C7 (234, 165, 199) Glidden Valentine Pink
#F0B1B3 (240, 177, 179) Porter Paints Pink Valentine
#F4D9D7 (244, 217, 215) Porter Paints Scented Valentine
#F2D3E0 (242, 211, 224) Behr Scented Valentine / Dulux Australia Lily Legs Half

Valentine’s Purple Colors

Purple is the color of intuition and mystery. It’s the color of magic. And what, if not love, is the ultimate magic? Again, it’s hard to find an ‘official’ name of a purple color directly related to Valentine’s Day, but paint manufacturers still offer a few pretty useful shades.

#4D206D (77, 32, 109) Valentine Purple Color (Color Name)
#C194A8 (193, 148, 168) Major Valentine
#DC6177 (220, 97, 119) Color Guild Valentine / Finnaren and Haley Paint Valentine
#9D3A53 (157, 58, 83) True Value Valentine lahko tudi pod rdeco
#B15E8A (177, 94, 138) Sears My Valentine

Some of the presented purple paints look quite red while others sympathize with blue. It’s up to you to pick the right tint for your project. Just bear in mind that purple always tends to dominate, so it’s probably best to start with small amounts and build up from there.

#E3C4D2 (227, 196, 210) Kilz Funny Valentine
#B46FA0 (180, 111, 160) Ace Valentine Heart
#D7CAC9 (215, 202, 201) General Paint Valentine
#D9C1C8 (217, 193, 200) Kilz Valentine’s Kiss
#EC9DC3 (236, 157, 195) Dunn-Edwards Be My Valentine / California Paints Be My Valentine

As we can check in our long list of purple shades, this mixture of red and blue hues soon becomes tricky. Sometimes it’s closer to pink, sometimes to violet.

Violet Valentine Colors

Yes, we decided to make separate groups for purples and violets related to St. Valentine. We could also throw them all in one, but in this case, a whole family of colors would be missing. Well, we could actually add a subfamily of lilacs, right?

#A772C1 (167, 114, 193) Valentine Violet Color
#AAADC1 (170, 173, 193) Dulux Valentine
#DFBED4 (223, 190, 212) Rona Valentine
#AA71A3 (170, 113, 163) Kelly Moore Victorian Valentine
#EEB2C6 (238, 178, 198) Dutch Boy Be My Valentine

If we summarize our exploration of Valentine’s colors so far, we are still playing with red and white in different proportions with a pinch of blue or yellow. So far blue was represented in the majority of cases, often dominating the mixture.

On the other hand, we can also have a lot of yellow and almost none of the blue, which gives us a few interesting orange tones of Valentine’s paints.

Orange Valentine Colors and Paints

Orange is a mixture of red and yellow. It’s joyful and energetic. Orange is a color of adventure, suitable for new love or love with reignited flame. Playful and emotional. Optimistic and determined.

#FADFCD (250, 223, 205) Taubmans Sweet Valentine / Bristol Sweet Valentine
#F8D6C6 (248, 214, 198) Taubmans Scented Valentine
#EFD8D4 (239, 216, 212) Olympic Scented Valentine
#F8DDD8 (248, 221, 216) Benjamin Moore Valentine Memories
#EFCFCD (239, 207, 205) Duron St Valentine / Frazee St Valentine

With this set of somehow orange valentine’s colors, we conclude the article and invite you to explore our other lists among which some grew to pretty huge proportions.

Bookmark our site; so you can find it when you need more info about drawing, painting, colors, and similar stuff. A link from your blog or social profile would mean a lot to us.

And, of course, tell your friends. Because everybody loves Valentine’s colors!


Easter Colors with Examples – HEX and RGB Codes Included


What are the Easter colors?

Are you trying to figure out what shades of purple or violet are most popular among Easter colors? Maybe looking for inspiration to dye eggs, decorate a room, or wandering what to wear on Good Friday? Asking yourself what symbols are behind Easter red, yellow, or blue? Well, you’ll find many answers just by scrolling down, but we have to warn you …

With every answer, you’ll probably want to know even more. So, let’s dive into the longest list of Easter colors on the Web!

Best Easter Colors

Here are the top five: red, purple, blue, green, and yellow. If we are allowed to oversimplify, red represents blood (life), purple is for centuries reserved for royalty (think about the King of the Kings), blue is for the sky (and purity), green means rebirth (Easter announces spring) and yellow (which can be understood as gold) of course for Sun.

#C92519 (201, 37, 25) Easter Red
#C071FE (192, 113, 254) Easter Purple
#3ED1EE (62, 209, 238) Easter Blue
#A1D269 (161, 210, 105) Easter Green
#F2DA54 (242, 218, 84) Easter Yellow

But this is just the beginning. It’s very interesting to note that dozens of paint producers decided to include the word Easter in the names of their paints. Sometimes it’s combined with one of the colors, sometimes with the name of a flower, sometimes with Easter-related activity, … And, obviously, we can’t do without Easter eggs or bunnies.

Just six of the popular colors for Easter eggs

Easter Purple Colors

The first set of Easter colors of commercially available paints presents five visions of manufacturers. As you can see their presentation of the color purple varies quite a bit.

#CCACCA (204, 172, 202) Benjamin Moore Purple Easter Egg
#9B93B4 (155, 147, 180) Sico Easter Lily Purple / Crown Diamond Easter Lily Purple
#625A79 (98, 90, 121) Sico Easter Choir / Crown Diamond Easter Choir
#C2A4C2 (194, 164, 194) Dutch Boy Easter Egg Purple / Sherwin-Williams Novel Lilac
#9199CC (145, 153, 204) Pantone TPG Easter Egg Color

On the other hand, the same color of purple paint is produced by different factories. There are several reasons for that but it is beyond the point of this article. Let’s see the next set of five paints!

#9F748C (159, 116, 140) Fuller OBrien Easter Purple
#785876 (120, 88, 118) Valspar Easter Bonnet
#E4CDD5 (228, 205, 213) Ace Easter Parade
#ACA7D0 (172, 167, 208) Color Your World Easter Treat
#C6C7DC (198, 199, 220) Rona Easter Day

We could give them other names (like violet, pale purple, lilac, etc.), too, right? Don’t worry, we have those on the list as well!

Easter is the most important Christian holiday (yes, even more than Christmas – and by the way, check this article about Christmas colors). Many religious rituals are part of the celebration and special garments are mandatory. Purple hoods with their symbolic meanings are clearly seen in the next photo.

One of processions in Easter

Just like at the Easter hoods above, there is not just a single shade of purple used for paints. In fact we already presented hundreds of purple shades. It’s time to take a look at the third set of purples with Easter in the name.

#C9C9D3 (201, 201, 211) Ace Easter Bonnet
#D2C7C7 (210, 199, 199) MAB Easter Egg
#D0A7BD (208, 167, 189) Taubmans Purple Easter Egg / Bristol – Purple Easter Egg P088-W3
#7E7596 (126, 117, 150) Sico Easter / Crown Diamond Easter
#D9BFDB (217, 191, 219) CIL Easter Egg

Well, purple color is undoubtedly an important part of the Easter holidays. In the commercial names of the paints on the market, it’s often connected to eggs. Purple is a popular color for egg dyeing, as seen in the next photo.

Egg hunt is a popular activity during Easter holidays

Here we go again. Easter eggs and early bloomers. At least two dominant shades of purples. Or, can we say, we are dealing with two different colors? Apart from purple, violet also bears strong associations with Easter. Try to spot a difference.

Different Shades of Easter Violet Colors

#DDD8DE (221, 216, 222) Berger Easter Party / Scib Paints Easter Party / Vista Paint Easter Party
#B8B1C9 (184, 177, 201) Sico Violet Easter Egg / Crown Diamond Violet Easter Egg
#DAD6DD (218, 214, 221) Kelly-Moore Easter Party
#9AA9C8 (154, 169, 200) Porter Paints Easter Egg
#DDDBDE (221, 219, 222) Cloverdale Paint Easter Party / Rodda Paint Easter Party

After the first set of violet paints with the word Easter in their names, we can probably say there is a larger percentage of red in purples and a larger percentage of blue in violets. But let’s stop this debate before it even begins.

While physics clearly states that violet is a color with a specific wavelength and purple is a mixture of red and blue (with some green), the human eye is simply not equipped to differentiate between purple and violet. The same set of receptors is used for both.

#97ABC2 (151, 171, 194) Taubmans Easter Egg
#DACFFA (218, 207, 250) Valspar Paint Easter Basket
#E6E0E8 (230, 224, 232) Premier Paints Easter Bonnet / Dutch Standard Easter Bonnet
#CDD4E3 (205, 212, 227) Vista Paint Easter Bonnet
#CEC6DF (206, 198, 223) Para Paints Easter Bonnet

The set of violet paints above could be also filed under purples. One of them could also b presented as pale blue. So, as you see, the name doesn’t guarantee a lot. In the next set, we can at least find an example of paint (made by Color Your World) with violet in the name.

#DDC6E2 (221, 198, 226) Sico Easter Egg
#CABAD7 (202, 186, 215) Color Your World Easter Violet
#E9E5EA (233, 229, 234) Rodda Paint Easter Bunny / Columbia Paint Easter Bunny / Hirshfields Paints Easter Bunny
#D9BDD8 (217, 189, 216) ICI Easter Egg
#D8C0DA (216, 192, 218) Glidden Easter Egg

While eggs still dominate among the names of the presented violet paints (check their RGB values), we managed to find another violet among the next five paints.

#E6D1E4 (230, 209, 228) Crown Diamond Easter Egg
#E0CEDC (224, 206, 220) Canada Hardware Easter Bonnet / Home Hardware Easter Bonnet
#A18CB3 (161, 140, 179) Valspar Easter Parade
#DCD6E5 (220, 214, 229) Color Guild Easter Frost
#D5C2DC (213, 194, 220) Premier Paints Easter Violet / Dutch Standard Easter Violet

Easter Lilac Colors

Just Another Pale Easter Color?

Lilac is another popular Easter color with dubious status. Is it really color on its own or just a shade of purple or violet? By definition, it’s definitely a pale shade of violet, but due to the popularity of pale purples and violets, it deserves at least one set of paints in our presentation.

#D4D7E9 (212, 215, 233) MAB Easter Bonnet
#DAD7DB (218, 215, 219) MAB Easter Party
#DCD8DE (220, 216, 222) Coronado Paints Easter Party
#DBD6DB (219, 214, 219) McCormick Paints Easter Party
#D1C7C7 (209, 199, 199) Coronado Paints Easter Egg / McCormick Paints Easter Egg

Pale shades of violet (or purple) color are not a coincidence during Easter holidays. On a symbolic level it’s associated with compassion and serenity which definitely goes hand in hand with this Christian holiday. Lilacs are also among the earliest bloomers of flowers which goes well with pagan celebrations of the new life in nature coming with spring.

New, fresh life is very well associated with paleness. And what color could be paler by definition than pink?

Easter Pink

Pink is a color of new beginnings and the next paints offer five different visions as seen by paint makers.

#E6A2C1 (230, 162, 193) Bristol Easter Pink
#E8A9D0 (232, 169, 208) Benjamin Moore Easter Pink
#F5E3EF (245, 227, 239) Benjamin Moore Easter Bonnet
#ECE5EC (236, 229, 236) Colortrend Easter Bunny / ECOS Paints Easter Bunny / Diamond Vogel Easter Bunny
#EDEBEA (237, 235, 234) Focoltone Easter Bunny / Sico Easter Bunny / Crown Diamond Easter Bunny

Yes, pink is a color of love and joy. Pink is dawn at its earliest in the morning. It’s also the color of the fourth Sunday of Lent and 21 days before Easter. There are only two occasions when priests are wearing pink and this is one of them (the other, of course, is in Advent).

Easter rose as an object and one of Easter colors

Actually, they will probably tell you that this color is not pink. It’s called rose.

#DDBFD4 (221, 191, 212) Devoe Paint Easter Egg
#E8B9CB (232, 185, 203) Porter Paints Easter Bonnet / PPG Pittsburgh Paints Easter Bonnet
#F7CAD5 (247, 202, 213) Taubmans Easter Treats
#D5C6CA (213, 198, 202) Valspar Paint Easter Rose
#F0D9E1 (240, 217, 225) Valspar Paint Easter Morning

Did you spot the difference between pink and rose? Colors can be tricky, aren’t they?

#E9D3D6 (233, 211, 214) Coronado Paints Easterville / Cloverdale Paint Easterville / Rodda Paint Easterville / MAB Easterville
#ECE5E8 (236, 229, 232) Dal Worth Paints Easter Bonnet
#D2CAC9 (210, 202, 201) Cloverdale Paint Easter Egg / Rodda Paint Easter Egg / Clark+Kensington Abstract Gray
#F1CEC5 (241, 206, 197) Colorwheel Easter Pink
#D3C8C9 (211, 200, 201) Berger Easter Egg / Scib Paints Easter Egg / Vista Paint Easter Egg

Easter Yellow with HEX and RGB Values

Yellow (roughly the same is true for gold) is another spring color. This is the color of the Sun and Sun can be seen as a representation of the rebirth of Jesus in Christianity or the ultimate deity in numerous pagan religions. Easter can’t be represented without yellow.

No wonder there are so many yellow shades of commercial paints directly connected to Easter.

#FBC925 (251, 201, 37) Dulux Easter Morn 1
#FCCD46 (252, 205, 70) Dulux Easter Morn 2
#FFDD78 (255, 221, 120) Dulux Easter Morn 3
#FFDF96 (255, 223, 150) Dulux Easter Morn 4
#F6E2A9 (246, 226, 169) Dulux Easter Morn 5

Dulux created a whole series of paints with the name Easter Morn. Above you can find five of them and below there’s the sixth which can be compared to other yellow paints named after Easter by other producers.

#F6E6BB (246, 230, 187) Dulux Easter Morn 6 / ICI Paints Acacia
#F7F4E2 (247, 244, 226) Benjamin Moore Easter Lily
#F8EACB (248, 234, 203) Devoe Paint Easter Lily
#F5EAD3 (245, 234, 211) Glidden Easter Lily / Dulux Easter Lily
#FADF8D (250, 223, 141) Taubmans Easter Bonnet

While the Easter Lily dominates in this group of Easter yellow colors, we can find other flowers as well. Actually, there is also simply Easter Yellow paint and – what else – Easter Egg paint!

#F3ECD7 (243, 236, 215) Dutch Boy Easter Egg
#FDEB9D (253, 235, 157) Coronado Paints Easter Yellow / Kelly Moore Easter Yellow
#FFC50E (255, 197, 14) Clairtone Easter Iris
#FAF0DD (250, 240, 221) Sico Easter Lily
#FFDA8C (255, 218, 140) Montana Easter Yellow

There we have many more tints of yellow with codes, too.

If Yellow represents the Sun as the major element of spring, green represents new life with everything turning green at this time of the year.

Yellow Easter chicks on Easter green grass

Easter Green (Examples with HEX and RGB)

For your convenience, we compiled a set of green paints named after Easter. Pale Easter Green is a clear winner.

#DDF0CB (221, 240, 203) Benjamin Moore Easter Hunt
#C7CF68 (199, 207, 104) RAL Easter Green
#A0CF79 (160, 207, 121) Huls Easter Green / Ace Easter Green
#EBE094 (235, 224, 148) True Value Easter Grass
#C9E4C8 (201, 228, 200) Valspar Easter Green

As you are already used, we also offer a full article about green shades.

Believe it or not, blue is also one of the Easter colors. If we think a bit, this should not be too surprising fact. After all, it’s the color of the sky and authority, both associated with new life (and the afterlife).

Or, if we stay on strictly practical grounds, we can’t seriously think about purple, violet, or green without a hefty dose of blue.

Easter Blue

Here is a set of popular Easter blue paints by different makers. All with accompanying HEX (HTML) codes and RGB values, if you want to recreate the feel in any of your projects.

#70BFE1 (112, 191, 225) MyPerfectColor Easter Egg Blue
#5385B0 (83, 133, 176) Rona Easter Blue
#9BD0D3 (155, 208, 211) Color Guild Easter Light
#DBE4E8 (219, 228, 232) Kelly Moore Easter Egg
#99AAC8 (153, 170, 200) Glidden Easter Egg / PPG Pittsburgh Paints Easter Egg

Not enough? Check hundreds of blue shades.

If you find this article with 85 (!) examples of Easter colors useful, don’t forget to tell your friends. A link from your blog or social profile would be greatly appreciated.

Easter bunnies and Easter eggs as major symbols of fertility

Also, bookmark this page for your later reference, because we have at least two dozens Easter colors to add soon!


Christmas Colors – Most Popular Colors for Christmas with HEX and RGB Codes


Red and Green are not the only Christmas colors. Yes, we can’t do without them, yet there are several important colors without which we can’t compose a decent Christmas palette. We need them to equilibrate the strong red and green hues, add an emotional accent, or simply for contrast.

Of course, even red and green can be presented in numerous different shades. To help you find the best Christmas colors, we made a selection of main Christmas colors, produced by top paint brands (they included the word Christmas in the name of the paint or color) in the world and add several variations of less known colors, named by influential designers.

All chosen colors will be presented in squares in sets of five, so you can compare them. Each one of them will have corresponding HEX and RGB codes written in their names, so you can recreate your favorites in your projects as you need them. We’ll try to add a few interesting and useful additional info about the colors of Christmas on this page, include links to even more resources, and maybe add a few more colors later in 65 shades presented at the moment won’t be enough.

Christmas Red Colors

Red is undoubtedly the first color coming to one’s mind when we mention Christmas. This was not the case a hundred or more years ago but the commercialization and globalization of this popular holiday led us to that situation.

#D6001C (214,0,28) Christmas Red
#C30F16 (195, 15, 22) Christmas Red Color
#B01B2E (176, 27, 46) Christmas Red
#B11E31 (177, 30, 49) Christmas Red
#B22222 (178, 34, 34) Crayola Christmas Red (Firebrick Color)

As you can see, the shades of red above are not too similar but they still share the same (or almost the same) name thanks to the different standards we are using in the naming of colors. A bit different situation we have when we check the popular paint brands with their vision of Christmas Red.

#6A1219 (106, 18, 25) DecoArt DCA20-9
#B55555 (181, 85, 85) Firebrick Crayola – Christmas Red / Matthews Paint – Hotrod Red 10224
#CB312B (203, 49, 43) FolkArt – Christmas Red 958
#C54245 (197, 66, 69) Kelly-Moore – Christmas Red AC219-R
#BA4546 (186, 69, 70) Christmas Red (AC21-R)

If this is not enough, you can of course use other red shades for your Christmas-related projects. Hundreds are available here:

Gigantic list of red colors with codes.

Christmas Green Shades

If red represents energy, green suggests life. Using evergreen plants for Christmas decor is not a coincidence. Red and green together mean eternity, which is further seen in another typical Christmas element – a wreath.

Our first set of Christmas green hues can be seen below. As you can notice four of the five share the same name, but not the same shade, which is somehow surprisingly light.

#00873E (0, 135, 62) Christmas Green
#1E792C (30, 121, 44) Christmas Green
#007502 (0, 117, 2) Christmas Green
#034F20 (3, 79, 32) Christmas Green
#007A00 (0, 122, 0) Faux-Christmas Green

How about the green paints available in stores and named after Christmas?

#1BAB6C (27, 171, 108) Anita’s Acrylic Craft Paint Christmas Green
#2A8344 (42, 131, 68) Apple Barrel – Christmas Green / 20429 / 20529
#1C5240 (28, 82, 64) Behr Christmas Tree (8377)
#354938 (53,73,56) Colortrend – Christmas Wreath
#006400 (0, 100, 0) Darkgreen / Dark green (X11) / Crayola – Christmas Green / Plascon – Hollyhock Garden G3-C1-1

We have to admit paint producers have a bit more imagination naming their Christmas greens after the tree or wreath or spruce, to justify so different shades in their offer. But not nearly as often as they could. Just check the next set of five green shades of Christmas colors.

#1D411D (29, 65, 29) DecoArt DCA37-3 Christmas Green
#2C7225A (244, 55, 66) Delta – Christmas Green / 020680202W
#0B6031 (11, 96, 49) DoCraft Christmas Green (DOA763241)
#307A56 (48, 122, 86) Duron 4855N Christmas Green
#00827F (0, 130, 127) Teal green / Devoe Paint – Christmas Spruce / 90GG 15/398

You have probably already noticed there are more greens than red colors related to Christmas on the market. There are probably many reasons for that. One of them is probably the fact green is never as dominant as red, so it’s used more as a background. As such its functionality adjusts to the main color – red.

#007475 (0, 116, 117) ICI Paints – 3971 Christmas Spruce 90GG 15/398
#4B7164 (75, 113, 100) Olympic – Christmas Ivy C62-5
#447266 (68, 114, 102) Porter Paints – Christmas Ivy / 403-6
#007152 (0, 113, 82) Taubmans – Christmas Green / T12 51.H5 / Bristol – Christmas Green P144-C7
#4B7460 (75, 116, 96) Taubmans – Christmas Ivy / T10 54I-1

Of course, you can use many more green shades, which are available at this address:

Enormous list of green colors with codes.

Otherwise, this set of Christmas-related greens roughly concludes our basic possibilities for the red and green combo.

Despite the fact we already have more than a hundred different combinations on the table, we still need one more color at the minimum to complete at least a simple pattern of notorious ugly Christmas sweaters.

Christmas White Colors – Examples

White is an obvious choice for incorporation into a Christmas palette. It can be used as a background for more robust red and green, to divide or to frame them, it can add a pattern on its own or compliment the existing one, and it works great with all additional colors if there are any.

#EDE7DC (237, 231, 220) ICI Paints – 4481 Antique White 40YY 83/043 / Pratt & Lambert – Free Spirit 3-32 / Behr – Christmas Angel EBC-10
#ECEEEA (236, 238, 234) Benjamin Moore – White Christmas / 872 / Winter Snow OC-63
#F6EEDF (246, 238, 223) Dunn-Edwards – Birch White / 2519 / California Paints – DEW 326 – White Christmas / ISOMAT – IST 171-01
#EDEFEB (237, 239, 235) CHROMATIC 0032-Blanc Arcalis – Dorval-CH2
#F6F7EF (246, 247, 239) Ford – Performance White / Matthews Paint – White Christmas 7275

We should not be surprised to see five different shades of Christmas white if we take into account our perception of white which stretches from technically perfect white (HEX / HTML code: #FFFFFF and RGB code: 255, 255, 255) to much more liberal hues with a hint of red, green or blue leading to greyish, creamier, greenish, or even pinkish versions of Christmas white.

Is There a Christmas Brown Too?

Believe it or not, it is. Well, they are. Christmas brown colors are not just a specific set of reds with large amounts of green percentage in RGB, but they form an independent family of colors which can be further divided into two larger groups – darker and lighter. Darker can sometimes flirt with purple tones and lighter (typically named after cactus), with an inclination to pink and yellow.

#73604F (115, 96, 79) Diamond Vogel – Christmas Ornament 0186 / Colortrend – 0186 / ECOS Paints – Christmas Ornament (0186)
#F5AC87 (245, 172, 135) Devoe Paint – Christmas Cactus 58YR 53/342
#F7AF90 (247, 175, 144) Glidden – Christmas Cactus Coral
#F1A686 (241, 166, 134) ICI Paints – Christmas Cactus
#4A3A39 (74, 58, 57) Valspar Christmas Pudding

Christmas Gold Colors

Gold is another popular Christmas color. It perfectly matches the Sun (Christmas has its roots in pagan celebrations of the re-birth of the Sun) rays or adds to the celebratory feel of the holidays. Gold can be connected to the oldest traditions but thanks to its shiny appearance it’s also welcome addition if we want to add some sparks of joy, youth, and energy.

#CAA906 (202, 169, 6) Christmas Gold
#C1A520 (193, 165, 32) Christmas Gold
#B2B200 (178, 178, 0) Faux-Christmas Gold
#C6A905 (198, 169, 5) Faux-Christmas Gold
#F1D900 (241, 217, 0) Christmas Yellow

Gold is a classic choice for the star on the Christmas tree and even the most conventional gifts look great wrapped in golden wrapping paper or with a golden bow.

Shades and Tints of Christmas Silver Color

Silver is a close relative to gold, a bit more restrained, less extravagant, yet in some cases more classy. Silver can work great in some specific color combinations, so here is a set of Christmas silver colors as web users define them.

#E1DFE0 (225, 223, 224) Christmas Silver
#B5B5B5 (181, 181, 181) Christmas Silver
#E3E1DF (227, 225, 223) Faux-Christmas Silver
#969594 (150, 149, 148) Christmas Grey
#CACBCE (202, 203, 206) Christmas Silver

Christmas Pink with Codes

We could add pink colors to reds, but in Christmas palettes, they have so different usage they deserve a spot on their own. Pink is much more gentle than red, still lively, very feminine, and able to energize a bit duller combos or tranquil too energetic ones.

#E34285 (227, 66, 133) Christmas Pink
#FDCCCF (253, 204, 207) Faux-Christmas Pink
#F8C7CC (248, 199, 204) Faux-Christmas Pink
#FDC9C7 (253, 201, 199) Faux-Christmas Pink
#FFDDBB (255, 221, 187) Christmas Rose

Obviously, the pinks can sometimes look more yellowish or they can border on purple.

Examples of Christmas Purple

Purple is the color of royalties and it pairs great with gold and white. In combination with red and green, we should use it sparingly and be careful especially if there is brown involved as well.

#4D084B (77,8,75) Christmas Purple
#663398 (102, 51, 152) Christmas Purple
#64378D (100, 55, 141) Faux-Christmas Purple
#5D2B2C (93, 43, 44) Christmas Brown
#5A282A (90, 40, 42) Faux-Christmas Brown

Yes, purple can transform into brown very fast.

Codes for Christmas Blue

Yes, blue is so popular, it is used in Christmas palettes too, even if it’s not our first choice. It pairs well with red, white, gold, silver, and pink, but not looks too good with green, brown, or purple. As you can see, designers use Christmas blue tones in lighter and darker versions. Darker as the night sky and lighter as baby blue?

#2A8FBD (42, 143, 189) Christmas Blue
#F2766 (31,39,102) Christmas Blue
#3685C0 (54, 133, 192) Christmas Blue
#317EB4 (49, 126, 180) Faux Christmas Blue
#1D89A8 (29, 137, 168) Faux Christmas Blue

With this huge selection of Christmas colors complete with HEX (HTML) and RGB codes, with trivial and brand names, and of course some useful examples and links to further resources, we end this article. You have the tools to create several million Christmas patterns for your projects. In near future, we’ll add even more colors. Bookmark this page so you’ll find it later. A link from your blog or social profile would be greatly appreciated. And tell your friends!

Merry Christmas:)


Green Color Names: All the Shades with HEX and RGB Codes


Who Can Name All Green Colors?

While word all always sounds a bit too optimistic, we’ll use it for the motivation – to expand already existing 110 shades of green with their names and appropriate HTML codes for every designer, blogger or just color lover who might need a certain tint or hue for green colors.

Green is very interesting if we focus on definition only. It’s one of the basic seven colors in the rainbow, part of the visible spectrum between yellow and blue, having the wavelength between 495 and 570 nm.

It’s a secondary color in the subtractive color system, being a mixture of yellow and blue, but a primary color in additive color system, used in TV technology. If you heard for RGB, you should know G in this abbreviation stands for green.

The simple fact that all colors in this system can be made of three primary colors (Red, Green, and Blue) causes pretty demanding task. Green is of course the color with max value of G (the value of FF in HEX system) and min values of R and B (values of 0), but many other mixtures with lesser amounts of G and higher of R and/or B look more or less greenish too. So several systems for naming these green colors were created.

That means we have literally hundreds, even thousands of different green shades. Some are closer to yellow, some to blue (several languages don’t distinguish between blue and green!), some to gray, etc. This post is an attempt to present as many green colors with their names, sorted in a human friendly way.

The Most Basic Green Colors

Here are two sets of colors, named simply green:


#008000 (0, 128, 0) Green (HTML) aka Office Green aka Green W3C
#00A550 (0, 165, 80) Green (CMYK) aka Pigment Green
#1CAC78 (28, 172, 120) Green (Crayola)
#00A877 (0, 168, 119) Green (Munsell)
#009F6B (0, 159, 107) Green (NCS)

You already noticed simple green is not enough. That’s why we added names of the systems, which used this basic name according to their logics.


#66B032 (102, 176, 50) Green (RYB)
#00FF00 (0, 255, 0) Green (X11)
#484A22 (72,74,34) Green (BS 4800 12 C 40)
#009D74 (35, 164, 128) Green UP (Pantone)
#00AB84 (0, 165, 80) Green C (Pantone)

If you are not familiar with the abbreviations, send me a note in comments. I should probably make a dedicated post on this theme too.

Green Shades Named After Obvious Characteristics

Before any of these classifications was created, people already used adjectives like light, dark, bright, bald, … to better describe the shade of green in question. Let’s look at several such tints:


#66FF00 (102, 255, 0) Bright Green
#ADFF2F (173, 255, 47) Green-Yellow (Chartreuse)
#006400 (0, 100, 0) Dark Green (X11) aka Electric Green aka Lime Green (X11)
#013220 (1, 50, 32) Dark Green
#03C03C (3, 192, 60) Dark Pastel Green

We are already dealing with a huge span of greens, aren’t we? I would like to warn you on the Green-Yellow color, also called Chartreuse (named after a drink, which, by the way, is just one of the many green colored drinks, just read on). Besides a fancy name it’s also a very special color positioned exactly in the middle of yellow and green in the HSV color wheel. This means it’s made of 50% green and 50% yellow.


#004953 (0, 73, 83) Midnight Green
#B4D3B2 (180, 211, 178) Pastel Green
#90EE90 (144, 238, 144) Light Green
#98FB98 (152, 251, 152) Pale Green
#39FF14 (57, 255, 20) Neon Green

Color poetically named Midnight Green is official color of the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL. Later we’ll find several more examples of different green colors being used for uniforms or other official cases.

#0D865D (13, 134, 93) Bold Green
#5E8C31 (94, 140, 49) Maximum Green
#76FF7A (118, 255, 122) Screamin’ Green
#9ACD32 (154, 205, 50) Yellow-Green
#D9E650 (217, 230, 80) Maximum Green Yellow

Did you notice the differences between Green Yellow, Yellow-Green and Maximum Green Yellow? Such naming quickly leads to further complications. More complex naming system seems inevitable.

Green Color Shades Named After Herbs

Nature is full of green colors. It’s actually the first color we think about when we mention it. Next few sets will be related with nature, starting with herbs.


#A9BA9D (169, 186, 157) Laurel Green
#354230 (53, 66, 48) Kombu Green
#AAF0D1 (170, 240, 209) Magic Mint
#BCB88A (188, 184, 138) Sage Green
#737B6C (115, 123, 108) Thyme Green

We have already mentioned Chartreuse color with its unique position in the color wheel. Sage Green has a similar story. It’s a grey-green resembling the hue of dried sage leaves. As a quaternary color, it is an equal mix of the tertiary colors citron and slate (both confusingly also known as olive in different sources). We’ll come to the olive a bit later, but citron (on of the shades of yellow) and slate (a shade of gray) are discussed in other articles.

In the same palette one of numerous shades of mint is presented. Here are a few more:


#4FFFB0 (79, 255, 176) Bright Mint
#3EB489 (62, 180, 137) Mint aka Mint Leaf
#F5FFFA (245, 255, 250) Mint Cream
#98FB98 (152, 251, 152) Mint Green
#46877F (70, 135, 127) Mint Turquoise (RAL 6033)

Vegetables are green too:


#8F9779 (143, 151, 121) Artichoke
#4B6F44 (75, 111, 68) Artichoke Green (Pantone)
#87A96B (135, 169, 107) Asparagus
#BFD58E (191, 213, 142) Lettuce Green (Pantone)
#909B4C (144, 155, 76) Spinach Green (Pantone)

And so can be fruits. We’ll focus on ripe ones for now …


#8DB600 (141, 182, 0) Apple Green
#A8E4A0 (168,228,160) Granny Smith Apple
#568203 (86, 130, 3) Avocado
#D6D96A (214, 217, 106) Grape Green (Benjamin Moore)
#F0FFF0 (240, 255, 240) Honeydew

Apple Green is another quaternary color on the RYB color wheel, exactly half way between Green and Chartreuse. Honeydew Green got its name after color of the flesh of honeydew melon.


#A1A989 (161, 169, 137) Kiwi Green (Ford)
#BFFF00 (192, 255, 0) Lime
#32CD32 (50, 205, 50) Lime Green
#D1E231 (209, 226, 49) Pear
#93C572 (147, 197, 114) Pistachio

The color Pear, for instance, also belongs to the family of chartreuse, but it’s much closer to yellow than green, so we could technically include it among yellow colors.


#808000 (128, 128, 0) Olive
#556B2F (85, 107, 47) Dark Olive Green
#3B3C36 (59, 60, 54) Black olive
#A0955D (160, 149, 93) Olive Oil (Berger, Scib, Vista Paint)
#847645 (132, 118, 69) Olive Paste (Sico, Crown Diamond)

A subfamily of olive green colors is so popular several paint makers create their own visions of this color. They are mentioned in the brackets right after the commercial names. To be honest we all probably know olives can vary a lot by color.

We are still not finished with the world of green plants.


#4F7942 (79, 121, 66) Fern Green
#4D6F39 (77, 111, 57) Grass Green (RAL 6010)
#6C7C59 (108, 124, 89) Reseda Green
#325928 (50, 89, 40) Leaf Green (RAL 6002)
#2F7532 (47, 117, 50) Japanese Laurel

Bud Spring Green Colors

#A7FC00 (167, 252, 0) Spring Bud
#00FF7F (0, 255, 127) Spring Green
#A3C1AD (163, 193, 173) Cambridge Blue
#ECEBBD (236, 235, 189) Spring Green (Crayola)
#177245 (23, 114, 69) Dark Spring Green

Don’t be fooled by the name Cambridge Blue – it’s a medium tone of spring green, official color brand of Cambridge University.


#00FA9A (0, 250, 154) Medium Spring Green
#C9DC87 (201, 220, 137) Spring Bud (ISCC-NBS)
#BDDA57 (189, 218, 87) June Bud
#7BB661 (123, 182, 97) Bud Green
#4C9141 (76, 145, 65) May Green

Spring is closely associated with color green, even more than winter with color white (many areas of the world hardly know about snow). With all the springs and buds in greenish shades we can definitely expect at least one sub-family of spring-greens:

Viridian Green Colors


#40826D (64, 130, 109) Viridian
#009B7D (0, 155, 125) Paolo Veronese Green
#009698 (0, 150, 152) Viridian Green
#007F66 (0, 127, 102) Generic Viridian
#007F5C (0, 127, 92) Spanish Viridian

Viridian is a dark shade of spring green and a quaternary color on the RYB color wheel. Viridian, of course, has a Latin origin, coming from viridis and meaning  – green.

Last set of vegetation-related greens is related to larger areas dominated by green plants:


#228B22 (34, 139, 34) Forest Green
#29AB87 (41, 171, 135) Jungle Green
#7CFC00 (124, 252, 0) Lawn Green
#30BA8F (48, 186, 143) Mountain Meadow
#495D4E (73, 93, 78) Park Green (Behr)

Animals Can Be Green Too!


#C6D080 (198, 208, 128) Frog Green (Colortrend, Diamond Vogel, ECOS)
#697A64 (105, 122, 100) Grasshopper Green (AMC)
#A7F432 (167, 244, 50) Green Lizard
#74C365 (116, 195, 101) Mantis
#008080 (0, 128, 128) Teal

Now you know frogs are not the only green animals. As a matter of fact, even frogs have so many different hues of green, we should add a family of colors, named after frogs. In the meantime, you can practice by drawing a frog!

Shades Of Green Color Names Related To Specific Places

#1B4D3E (27, 77, 62) Brunswick Green
#72BE6D (114, 190, 109) Dublin (Behr)
#00573F (0, 87, 63) Gotham Green
#195905 Lincoln Green
#50C878 (80, 200, 120) Paris Green

Brunswick Green is named after Braunschweig, Germany. It’s the color of famous pool tables. gotham, of course is one of the nicknames for New York. This particular tint is official color of NY Jets. You probably also noticed Dublin Green. Dublin, the capital of Ireland, has its own color, but this is not he only shade associated with Ireland.

Irish Green Color Shades


#004225 (1, 66, 37) BRG aka British Racing Green
#00FF40 (0, 255, 64) Erin
#4CBB17 (76, 187, 23) Kelly Green
#009B69 (0, 155, 105) St. Patrick (Dutch Boy)
#009E60 (0, 158, 96) Shamrock Green aka Irish Green

You may ask why color BRG (British Racing Green) belongs to Irish colors. The reason is simple. When the racing teams were established, racing was still illegal in Great Britain. so they moved to Ireland and took their color for the color of the team.

And if you didn’t know – Erin is a poetic name for Ireland.


#006A4E (0, 106, 78) Bangladesh Green aka Bottle Green
#138808 (19, 136, 8) India Green
#306030 (48, 96, 48) Mughal Green
#01411C (1, 65, 28) Pakistan Green
#00A693 (0, 166, 147) Persian Green

We have more places associated with green.


#00CC99 (0, 204, 153) Caribbean Green
#5F996B (95, 153, 107) Jamaica Green (Ralph Lauren)
#679267 (103, 146, 103) Russian Green
#043927 (0, 78, 56) Sacramento State Green
#009150 (0, 145, 80) Spanish Green

How About A Green Drink?

We promised to include a few colors named after green drinks and here they are.


#76B583 (118, 181, 131) Absinthe Green (Pantone)
#C9D77E (201, 215, 126) Daiquiri Green (Pantone)
#87F134 (135, 241, 52) Verde Manzana Green
#2A603B (42, 96, 59) Midori Green
#D0F0C0 (208, 240, 192) Tea Green

With this we conclude a list of 120 different shades of green colors. To be continued!


Shades of Yellow: A List With Color Names and HEX Codes


How Many Hues (Tones, Tints, …) of Yellow can You Name?

We’ll start with one hundred shades of yellow, all presented visually (images may vary according to each screen settings), with corresponding HEX and RGB codes. Yet this is only a beginning. We’ll add more until we reach several hundred known and named yellow hues, still with all HTML values, just like we did with colors blue and red.


Yellow by Definition / Standard:

01 yellow shades hex / yellow color names html

As you can already see, sometimes it’s hard to see a difference but sometimes yellow is not always as yellow as it could be. By physical definition, it’s a color of light in the visible spectrum lying between orange and green. Its wavelength is approximately 570 to 585 nanometers. CMYK values of yellow is defined by (0, 0, 100, 0) and HSV (60%, 100%, 100%), depending on the used color model. If it’s a primary color, it can’t be made of other colors, if it’s a secondary color, it’s a mixture of cyan, magenta and – yellow what makes it the only color present in both basic (and most popular) models.

You can imagine everybody and his grandmother tried to define such important color by his or her standards. Here are a few examples:

Yellow by Definition / Standard:


#FFF00 (255,255,0) Yellow (aka Electric Yellow aka X 11 Yellow aka Color Wheel Yellow)

#F6C700 (246, 199, 0) Safety Yellow (USA)

#EEED09 (238, 237, 9) Xanthic

#FFEF00 (255, 239, 0) CMYK Yellow aka Canary Yellow aka Process Yellow

#FFD300 (255, 211, 0) NCS Yellow aka (Psychological Primary Yellow)

As you can already see, sometimes it’s hard to see a difference but sometimes yellow is not always as yellow as it could be.

By physical definition, it’s a color of light in the visible spectrum lying between orange and green. Its wavelength is approximately 570 to 585 nanometers.

CMYK values of yellow is defined by (0, 0, 100, 0) and HSV (60%, 100%, 100%), depending on the used color model. If it’s a primary color, it can’t be made of other colors, if it’s a secondary color, it’s a mixture of cyan, magenta and – yellow what makes it the only color present in both basic (and most popular) models.

You can imagine everybody and his grandmother tried to define such important color by his or her standards. Here are a few examples:


#EFCC00 (239, 204, 0) Munsell Yellow

#FEDF00 (254, 223, 0) Pantone Yellow

#FCE883 (252, 232, 131) Crayola Yellow

#EDC001 (237,192,1) British Standard BS 4800 10 E 51 Yellow

#FFFF14 (255, 255, 20) XKCD Yellow

We won’t use the fourth value (for black or white) because it’s easy to make many different tints of yellow from red green and blue only. Here are two sets, one for light and one for dark hues:

Codes for Light and Dark Yellow Colors


#FFFFE0 (255,255,224) Light Yellow

#FFFFCC (255,255,204) Light Yellow 1

#FFFF99 (255,255,153) Light Yellow 2

#FFFF66 (255,255,102) Light Yellow 3

#FFFF33 (255,255,51) Light Yellow 4

While light yellow shades all look, well, yellowish, we can hardly recognize the same color in its darker tones. The next five colors are all formally yellow, but they definitely look very greenish and brownish to most observers.


#9B870C (155, 135, 12) Dark Yellow

#CCCC00 (204,204,0) Dark Yellow 1

#999900 (153,153,0) Dark Yellow 2

#666600 (102,102,0) Dark Yellow 3

#333300 (51,51,0) Dark yellow 4

Yet this is only a beginning at naming. So lively color can’t be described only by simple pronouns as light or dark or with some standardized numbers. For this reason, we’ll continue to present more and more poetic names, each one of them with corresponding color and hexadecimal code used in computer design.

Names of Yellow Colors by Characteristics


#FCBE11 (252, 190, 17) Bold Yellow

#FFEA17 (255, 234, 23) Bright Yellow

#F5B700 (245, 183, 0) Clear Yellow

#F4B800 (244, 184, 0) Classic Yellow

#FFE302 (255, 227, 2) Vivid Yellow

Nature proved to be a huge inspiration for the yellow color, very likely the most optimistic of all colors in the rainbow. We can find many yellow flowers and other plants, yellow is popular in the animal kingdom, there are yellow minerals, it found its way in the world of branding and technology.

For each group, we’ll present at least one set of five shades of yellow, sometimes closely related by their names, sometimes by their manufacturer, and sometimes without any obvious reason, but always trying to stay true to some logic in naming and grouping this popular color.



#FFB95A (255, 185, 90) Cape Jasmine or Gardenia (Kuchinashi)

#FFE078 (255, 224, 120) Summer Daffodil

#F8D86E (248, 216, 110) Forsythia Blossom

#FDC537 (253, 197, 55) Golden Marguerite

#FCC200 (252, 194, 0) Golden Poppy

As you may expect, this is just a beginning.


#F4CA16 (244, 202, 22) Jonquil

#FCB810 (252, 184, 16) Marygold

#FFB61B (255, 182, 27) Meadow Daisy

#FFF4BC (255, 244, 188) Mimosa

#D9B611 (217, 182, 17) Patrinia Flowers

Some flowers are of course more popular than others, so you can expect to find several variations of the same name for different yellow colors what is especially useful when we are dealing with paints for our cars, walls, fences, …

Commercial Paints Named after Yellow Flowers


#FFE8CC (255, 232, 204) Gerbera Daisy (Benjamin Moore)

#FDB702 (253, 183, 2) Blooming Marigold (Dutch Boy) aka Goldfinch (Sherwin-Williams)

#F2ECCA (242, 236, 202) Narcissus (Sherwin-Williams)

#FFE89C (255, 232, 156) Pale Cowslip 3 (Laura Ashley)

#D8AD39 (216, 173, 57) Yarrow (Glidden, PPG Pitsburgh Paints)

Just a quick note: Laura Ashley made a whole series of yellow paints (six of each) named Cowslip or Pale Cowslip, followed by a number. At the moment only one of them (Pale Cowslip 3) found its way on our list because most of others better fit to orange, brown or white families. Maybe we’ll add them later.

Paints Inspired by Daisies


#E4C457 (228, 196, 87) Daisy (AMC)

#F8DC75 (248, 220, 117) Daisy Yellow (AMC)

#FAEAB7 (250, 234, 183) Daisy Yellow (Devoe Paint)

#F6EABD (246, 234, 189) Daisy Yellow (CIL)

#FFC500 (255, 197, 0) Yellow Daisy (Bristol, Taubman)

Five Hues of Goldenrod Color

#B8860B RGB (184, 134, 11) Dark Golderod #DAA520 RGB (218, 165, 32) Goldenrod #FCD667 RGB (252, 214, 103) Goldenrod (Crayola) #FAFAD2 RGB (250, 250, 210) Light Goldenrod #EEE8AA RGB (238, 232, 170) Pale Goldenrod

Paints on the Market Inspired by Tulips

yellow tulips shades hex

Hexadecimal Codes of Colors Named after Yellow Fruit


#FFE135 (255, 225, 53) Banana Yellow

#BFFF00 (191, 255, 0) Bitter Lime

#FCFFA4 (252, 255, 164) Calamansi

#FED754 (254, 215, 84) Cantaloupe Smile (Valspar Paint)

#E1BD27 (225, 189, 39) Durian Yellow

You can almost see the fruit, right? As you noticed orange and green subtones are present in this family of yellow colors and paints as well.


#F5E79F (245, 231, 159) Grapefruit (Earthpaint)

#D8C75F (216, 199, 95) Lanzones

#FFCC00 (255, 204, 0) Tangerine Yellow

#FDBE02 (253, 190, 2) Mango

#FFF0C5 (255, 240, 197) Pale Peach

Pale Peach is another popular color with literally dozens of variations which are mainly light shades of yellowish pink. On this list, we present only one of them. But we’ll check a whole set of colors named after lemon.

Set of Lemon Yellow Collors


#CAE00D RGB 202, 224, 13) Bitter Lemon

#F1BF42 Dark Lemon

#F5C71A (245, 199, 26) Deep Lemon

#F2B425 Lemon (BS)

#E8B524 Lemon Yellow

Five Shades of Pineapple Yellow Paints


#EFCC44 (239, 204, 68) Crushed Pinepple (Glidden, PPG Pittsburgh Paints)

#F3D64F (243, 214, 79) Fresh Pineapple (Dunn-Edwards)

#E6AE25 (230, 174, 37) Geely Pineapple Yellow Solid

#F9DE91 (249, 222, 145) Pineapple Delight (Taubmans)

#FFE07B (255, 224, 123) Ripe Pinepple (Dunn-Edwards)

The color of pineapple is pretty popular among commercial paint-makers, so there are even more shades on the market. There are also paints with the same name but a different look. Pineapple Delight, for instance, by Porter Paints looks almost beige with HEX (F0E7A9) and by Earthpaint is slightly greenish with HEX (F2EBCA).


These colors are available on the market as commercial paints. So if you need a yellow paint for your kitchen, check them!


#FFDF38 (255, 223, 56) Acorn Squash (Glidden, PPG Pitsburgh Paints)

#F3DB64 (243, 219, 100) Lemon Pepper (Bristol, Taubmans)

#F4BD2A (244, 189, 42) Yellow Pepper (Kelly-Moore)

#FFFDD8 (255, 253, 216) Pumpkin Seed (California Paints, Dunn-Edwards)

#FCD030 (252, 208, 48) Spring Squash (Valspar Paint)

Ten Hues of Corn Yellow

Corn is another popular yellow cereal plant. We present a set of five colors and five paints named after one of the world’s most important crops.


#FBEC5D (251, 236, 93) Corn

#FFC946 (255, 201, 70) Corn Harvest

#FFF2C2 (255, 242, 194) Creamy Corn

#FFF8DC (255, 248, 220) Cornsilk

#FFDF53 (255, 223, 83) Glazed Corn



Yes, yellow is a well-known appetite stimulant. Numerous spices belong to this family of happy colors, often verging on orange, red or brown families. Some of them, on the other side, can look more greenish.


#F4E3B5 (244, 227, 181) Anise Flower (Pantone)

#EFEBBB (239, 235, 187) Anise Liquor (Crown Diamond, Sico)

#958D34 (149, 141, 52) Cardamom (Clark+Kensington)

#F6C800 (246, 200, 0) Curry Spice (CIL)

#E9DA89 (233, 218, 137) Curry Yellow (Sanderson)

As you can see, factories found inspiration in several different yellow or yellowish spices.


#F7F4CD (247, 244, 205) Fresh Lemongrass

#FFDB58 (255, 219, 88) Mustard

#FEB200 (254, 178, 0) Turmeric (Asian Paints)

#D8C75F (216, 199, 95) Fennel (Designers Guild)

#FEFAA1 254 (250, 161) Saffron Yellow

By the way, turmeric is the root of the plant with a scientific name Curcuma and the active substance called curcumin. Caparol made a whole family of paints named after Curcuma. Each one of them has an addition of a number. Here is an example of five additional tints:

Family of Curcuma Yellow Colors


#A48C28 (164, 140, 40) Curcuma 35 (Caparol)

#B4A04C (180, 160, 76) Curcuma 40 (Caparol)

#D0C48C (208, 196, 140) Curcuma 50 (Caparol)

#FCE474 (252, 228, 116) Curcuma 75 (Caparol)

#FCE894 (252, 232, 148) Curcuma 80 (Caparol)

The very same paintmaker have other numbers too, of course, but these are the most yellow. Some are actually tints of brown, green or even gray.

Attention: there are also groups of yellow or yellowish colors and paints, named after plants, animals, minerals, etc. Some groupsa will also be expanded (like mustard). We’ll cover them later. But we need to make several more articles (about green, for instance) before. Everything will be fine. Promise.

If you like the list and find it useful, please share it with your friends!

To be continued!


How to Draw a Frog


Drawing Frogs is Easy!

If you want to draw a frog, you have to decide if you want a simple, cartoon-like frog or more realistic amphibian. Any way you choose, we got your back covered. You’ll find several ways to draw a frog, simplified or advanced, step by step and with advanced tips to add another little extra to your frog and make it more believable, likable or whatever  your goal is.
If you want to draw a frog, you have to decide if you want a simple, cartoon-like frog or more realistic amphibian. Any way you choose, we got your back covered. You’ll find several ways to draw a frog, simplified or advanced, step by step and with advanced tips to add another little extra to your frog and make it more believable, likable or whatever  your goal is.

Let’s start with a simple cartoon frog.

How to draw a cute cartoon frog?

In most cases, we start with a frog’s head. Essentially we just construct it from three circles or ovals.

Here is an example with a few additional lines and some color:


Or make it even cuter:


Just a quick pro tip – symmetric eyes are not the cutest possibility. If they are not looking straight to the observant, they make a more adorable impression.

Here is an example with asymmetric shapes, what gives an interesting effect of perspective:


And here is how a cartoon frog looks when it’s completed with a body and legs:


With some coloring (while green and earth tones prevail, frogs can be found in virtually every imaginable color), it’s made in less than five minutes:


Just a few ideas from Brockhaus’ Konversations Lexikon v.7, 1892 (Leipzig,Berlin,Wien)


Picture of different species of frogs:

  1. Peron’s tree frog (Litoria peronii)
  2. European fire-bellied toad (Bombina bombina)
  3. Fantastic poison frog (Ranitomeya fantastica)
  4. Yellow-spotted tree frog (Leptopelis flavomaculatus)
  5. Brilliant-thighed poison frog (Allobates femoralis)
  6. Japanese toad (Bufo japonicus)
  7. Orange-legged leaf frog (Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis)
  8. Balearic green toad (Bufo balearicus)
  9. Pool frog (Pelophylax lessonae)

If you prefer a video, watch the next example of drawing frogs for kids:

We can vary the shapes a bit to achieve this:

A bit more complicated procedure (and with a very plastic result) is explained here (in Method 2, 7steps):

You probably noticed there are also two variations of drawings of morerealistic frogs, seen from the side (Method 1 and Method 3). They arevery easy and appropriate for total beginners as well. You can draw frogs like the one below or more complicated, depending on your ambitions:

A pretty good result can be achieved by a few basic shapes and black ink only:


Or make a silhouette frog-like one of next examples:




Which is actually a shadow of this frog (seen from bird’s eye view):


Now let’s focus on drawing a frog from the side:

It’sa bit more sophisticated system, but there are still only basic lines used and you will get a pretty good frog even without coloring and shadowing in the last step (but you should try to apply that too,because, your frog will be even better after that).
At the end of this tutorial, they will offer you a tutorial in PDF format in exchange for your e-mail address. The decision is yours.

Two more tutorials are available on the next address:

I love the second one with a frog in the tree. It makes the picture so full of life! If you are looking how to draw a red-eyed tree frog,that’s the right address.

There is also a video version of drawing a frog from the side:

One more trick for the road … Would you like to draw a 3D frog? A frog literally jumping out of the paper? Here is how to make it:

Some additional tips for aspiring illustrators can be found on the next poster, made from How to Draw Manga, Vol. 36 animals, Collection opensource:


I hope you learned to draw a frog. Tell your friends about this page and feel free to share your observations in the comment section!


Best colors that match blue


What are the colors that go well with blue?

The blue color looks clean, soothing, solid. It works great in most cases on its own, yet it can always make an even better impact if combined with a proper pair. In general blue looks great with just about everything.

It is well complemented with soothing colors like grey or green or earth tones what works great in rooms or clothes when you want to achieve a calm effect. It also makes great combinations with warmer contrasting hues of pink, orange, yellow or red in situations where you want something bolder.


We need to note there are hundreds of blue shades out there, so don’t expect the same perfect match for navy or royal blues like for baby or sky blue. All in all, the single most important decision when you are looking what color goes good with blue, is your purpose. So ask yourself what is your goal and in the meantime enjoy some of the best combinations already tested in various situations. What color makes the best match with blue?

What goes with dark blue?

By far the most known tones of dark blue colors are navy and royal. Let’s see some combination with dark blues!

Navy blue as a classic choice for the dress but also in room interiors, for instance, works perfectly with white. This classic choice is a classic and so versatile it’ almost impossible to imagine all the uses. Dark blue can be used as a base or as an accent and the same is true for white. All kinds of patterns will look nice when navy and white are combined. One such typical example is polka dot design.


Knowing the power of dark blue and white combination we can build up to more advanced combos.

All close relatives of white can do well with dark blue, yet in general, they will perform better with navy than royal, which, by most standards looks a bit more purplish.

Colors, which may compose great pairs with dark blue shade are pales like cream, grey (lighter hues), ivory, beige, peach, khaki, sand, tan, …


Here we can see several pastel colors on the navy blue background. Each one of them looks great, doesn’t it?
We can continue with the beige hues but this time with darker brown tones including mocha:


If you want to achieve a bolder effect, create an impact, make a statement – don’t hesitate to pair dark blue colors with other dark tones, including black. How about the saying you can’t wear black and navy blue together? Well, it’s just one of those urban myths without any scientific background. Similar colors (in this case dark tones) go well together. Always were, always will.

Colors That Match Light Blue

Light blue comes in numerous shades too. We may name them as baby, sky, dusty, azure, ice, angle, … blues and each one of them posses its specific character. Just think about the color of jeans, which can be manifested in dozens of shades supported by other shades of blue and complimented with black, grey or white threads. This is only a beginning because the jeans become a real thing only when is at least partially worn out and colors are a few tints moved from the original appearance.

what color-compliments-light-blue

We all know you can’t miss when wearing the blue or black t-shirt with a pair of trousers or a skirt made of jeans, no matter what shade of blue is colored by. Least known is a fact of usage of bolder, livelier colors with blue, like a yellow or an orange decorative threat which is still one of the signature signs of the legendary Levi’s.


If we want to answer what color compliments light blue, we can make at least three good answers:

1. Neutral, earthy tones

Brown may not be the first thought when thinking about the possible combos yet next picture shows they can make almost a perfect pair:


Blue jeans will undoubtedly always go with the brown belt and brown boots:


2. Most bright and muted colors

You can try to pair blue, including all lighter shades with most of the pastels. While it won’t look very good with pink, it can go very well with very bright shades of pink or purple shades:

3. Bold lively energetic tones or strong dark ones

Check these yellow and brown colors with light blue jeans!

colors that match light blue

We have a perfect match with light blue in yellow and light brown colors (the color of the skin can actually be one of these, as you probably already noticed). But beware:


Light blue (actually we can see all kinds of blues on the photo above) won’t work best with red because they are not opposites, but it can make a statement with yellow or orange which are. We have already seen that and here is another example:


As we can see below a pairing with a darker shade of blue can go long way as well.


All dark colors can work with sky blue or ice blue shades, which, in these cases become recessive. Apart from traditional light blue colors, we can play with numerous related shades with a significant amount of yellow or grey, like teal, turquoise or slate colors. If you need a bit of theory behind the colors, don’t forget checking this post where you’ll find what colors make blue.

We can find light blue in countless traditional designs, working as a softener in classic bathrooms where white and grey are dominating.


Almost the same effect is seen in this study room, where soft blue colored window frames instantly make the place more lively and playful.

what colors-look-good-with-light-blue

Combinations of light blue can work very well with brown, yellow and gold tones, as presented in next spacious yet comfortable and intimate bedroom:


In next example, we can find the power of light blue in the role of an accent in a minimalistic bedroom with dominant beige and grey colors on pure white base. Believe it or not, blue can look spectacular as a wall paint. There is a full post just about blue wall paints with  a whole world of opportunities for a designer in you.


Beige, creme, gold and of course white are signature colors of beach decorative theme when they are paired with lighter shades of blue. Next beach themed cake is a fine example of such combo.


We’ll throw more examples of different shades of blue colors in time. Think about this post as the work in progress, so don’t forget to bookmark it and get back after a while!Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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