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Shades of Pink – Longest List of 250+ Pink Shades with HEX and RGB Codes


Welcome to the longest list of pink shades in the world. Here you’ll find 265 different pink colors with examples, their HTML (HEX) and RGB codes, and a lot of amusing tidbits about probably the most controversial color of all – the color pink.

Numerous shades of pink can look pretty different than one might imagine, sometimes looking yellowish, reddish, grayish, or, of course purplish, often resembling pink only by their names.

This list of pink names is organized by groups with certain shared traits – by origin, by name, by association, … My intention when writing this article was not only to create a useful list for artists, designers, web developers, and other ‘professionals’, but to provide an interesting read in the form of a story. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated, and I encourage you to share this article with everybody who might be interested in pink color.

Types of Pink HEX Codes

As you probably already know different standards define pink differently. So we start with a few pinks but soon find out an addition to the name is necessary. Hence, we got the simple and best pink in the first group already.

#FFC0CB (255, 192, 203) Pink
#D74894 (215, 72, 148) Pink (Pantone)
#CD919E (205, 145, 158) Pink (Crayola)
#FABFCE (250, 191, 206) Simple Pink
#FBCAE0 (251, 202, 224) Best Pink

Color pink is well-known for its soothing effect, characteristic of all (not only pink) light and pastel colors. If want to calm down, you could find an answer in the next set of light pink colors.

Light (Pastel) Pink Color Code

#FFD1DC (255, 209, 220) Pastel Pink
#FFB6C1 (255, 182, 193) Light Pink
#FF5CCD (255, 92, 205) Light Deep Pink
#FFB3DE (255, 179, 222) Light Hot Pink
#F1ABB9 (241, 171, 185) Light Blush

What is the difference between light, pastel, pale, and soft pink? We could open a semantic debate here but in reality, all these adjectives are used interchangeably. So when you search for a specific light shade of pink don’t forget to check soft, pale, pastel, etc. pinks as well.

Pale Pink Color Codes

#F9CCCA (249, 204, 202) Pale Pink
#EFCDDB (239, 205, 219) Pale Pink (RAL Design)
#E6D0D8 (230, 208, 216) Soft Pale Pink
#FDDDE6 (253, 221, 230) Soft Pink
#F2D8CD (242, 216, 205) Soft Pink (Pantone)

As you can see even if we limit our exploration to pale and soft tones of pink, we deal with a huge amount of different hues with more or less blue or yellow helping to make the statement of the final color.

So it’s not surprising to find so many different light pink paints for walls as well.

#F0DCE5 (240, 220, 229) Very Pale Pink
#CEA9B8 (206, 169, 184) Pale Dusty Pink
#F9DEDD (249, 222, 221) Pale Salmon Pink
#DEC5D3 (222, 197, 211) Pale Rose Pink
#F0D3D4 (240, 211, 212) Pale Lip

The family of pale pinks is finished with Pale Lip which immediately suggests mentioning lipsticks. Many of them are pretty pale, or, as is modern to say, natural, but the main point of lipsticks is to accent lips as one of the most romantic parts of the human body.

So stronger shades of pink for lipsticks are suggested!

Hot Pink HEX Code

#FF80BF (255, 128, 191) Full Pink
#F698BD (246, 152, 189) Supreme Pink
#FF96D0 (255, 150, 208) Intense Pink
#FF69B4 (255, 105, 180) Hot Pink
#E7388A (231, 56, 138) Intense Hot Pink

Apparently, everybody wants to know the hot pink HEX code. But which one? All the hot pinks above are pretty similar, with a huge amount of red and a hint of blue. Such colors are very popular for lipsticks because they combine energy and sensuality. The hot pink color in its many variations is very likely the most controversial color of all. Either you love it or you can’t stand it. It’s very hard to find a neutral way for it.

#CF6BA9 (207, 107, 169) Super Pink
#E75480 (231, 84, 128) Dark Pink
#FF1493 (255, 20, 147) Deep Pink
#FF007F (255, 0, 127) Bright Pink
#FF6FFF (255, 111, 255) Ultra Pink

Dark and deep shades of pink are in most cases on the edge of purple and violet colors, so it’s good to know there is no clear and unequivocal way to tell if a certain color belongs among the shades of pink or maybe in the family of violets of purple colors. Sometimes even the name misleads – some pinkish tones have red instead of pink in the name and some colors with names with pink don’t look pink at all (or at least not until you use a lot of imagination).

#893843 (137, 56, 67) Solid Pink
#FB607F (251, 96, 127) Brink Pink
#EB94B7 (235, 148, 183) Cosmic Pink
#DD95B4 (221, 149, 180) Techno Pink
#FF1493 (255, 20, 147) Fluorescent Pink

We are not over yet! The next section is devoted to even more energetic and living shades of pink, which clearly suggests their names too!

#F35A91 (243, 90, 145) Action Pink
#FC0FC0 (252, 15, 192) Shocking Pink
#FF6FFF (255, 111, 255) Shocking Pink (Crayola)
#E3256B (227, 37, 107) Razzmatazz
#FF3EA5 (255, 62, 165) Knockout Pink

This group of lively pinks is all about action. It’s hard to imagine being surrounded by so energetic shades of pink but we can definitely use most of them as part of the decor at parties or in amusement parks.

Ready for more?

#EF5097 (239, 80, 151) Sport Pink
#DE8DAE (222, 141, 174) Sassy Pink
#F36097 (243, 96, 151) Youthful Pink
#D66A8A (214, 106, 138) Livid Pink
#E977B5 (233, 119, 181) Party Pink

We could continue with more groups of envigorating pink shades but it’s time to take a break. Well, before that, one of the most aggressive pinks (and in general most screaming colors in the universe) should be presented: neon pink with its HEX and RGB codes.

Neon Pink Color Code

I don’t know if this is good or bad news for you but neon pink is used as the name of numerous pink hues. You see, in the world of colors there is no definite global standard like there is in measuring weight or length, so every designer suggests his or her vision of a specific color as he or she perceives it.

Neon pink is one such color where we can find at least a dozen different standards and different HTML codes for the same name. It’s up to you to pick the most suitable one for your project.

#FF10F0 (255, 16, 240) Neon Pink (
#FB48C4 (251,72,196) Neon Pink (
#F535AA (245, 53, 170) Neon Pink (
#FE019A (254, 1, 154) Neon Pink (
#FF44CC (255, 68, 204) Neon Pink (

Pink Shades with Other Colors in Their Names

Being on the indefinite line between red and white with so many possible additions of other primary colors, we can expect several names of pink shades where pink is combined with another color. In this case, when pink (red + white) is paired with another color (yellow and/or blue), the tones of pink are called off pink.

When somebody asks you what color is off pink you can answer that any pink with addition of one or two other primary colors. We can also call them pinkish colors. Here are a few examples for you.

#FBA0AC (251, 160, 172) Pinkish Red
#E2718D (226, 113, 141) Red Pink
#EC3B83 (236, 59, 131) Cerise Pink
#DA3287 (218, 50, 135) Deep Cerise Pink
#D10056 (209, 0, 86) Reddish Pink aka Rubine Red

All the pinks above are intensely red, so red (or red shades) is an expected part of the name. A lot of red (and some yellow and blue) leads to brown.

#F56991 (245, 105, 145) Light Crimson
#EF3038 (239, 48, 56) Deep Carmine Pink
#E66771 (230, 103, 113) Light Carmine Pink
#C08081 (192, 128, 129) Brownish Pink
#643941 (100, 57, 65) Pinkish Brown

We came from reddish to more and more intensely brownish tones of pink. The last two actually have pink only in their names, so dark and muted they are. But we are not over yet. Here is another group of pink shades with other colors in their names.

#DBC3BE (219, 195, 190) Pink Ivory
#D2A1CC (210, 161, 204) Lilac Pink
#E18E96 (225, 142, 150) Ruddy Pink
#B5A3C5 (181, 163, 197) Blue Pink
#A38BA4 (163, 139, 164) Purplish Pink

Another question you may ask is about the difference between some of the above-presented pink shades and magenta. Yes, we got an answer, but you might not like it.

The name magenta is not limited to one color only. Here are a few examples:

#FF00FF (255, 0, 255) Magenta
#F653A6 (246, 83, 166) Magenta Crayola
#D0417E (208, 65, 126) Magenta Pantone
#CA1F7B (202, 31, 123) Magenta Dye
#FF1DCE (255, 29, 206) Hot Magenta

Is magenta the same as pink? Yes and no. While pink necessarily consists of red and white, magenta needs blue as well. If you add some blue to pink, it’s still pink until it strays into a purple area. On the other hand, if you take blue out of magenta, it will lose its name and become one of numerous shades of pink.

So – when you are asked what is difference between pink and magenta, the correct answer is: every magenta belongs to the pink family, but not all pinks belong among magentas.

#CF71AF (207, 113, 175) Sky Magenta
#97395D (57, 151, 68) Quinacridone Magenta
#9F4576 (159, 69, 118) Magenta Haze
#FF0090 (255, 0, 144) Magenta Process
#CF3476 (207, 52, 118) Telemagenta

Magenta can be also included in the family of purple or violet shades (which, by the way, are not the same!) but to conclude this: Magenta is a shade of pink with a decent amount of blue (and magenta in its name).

If you are still not sure, just check the inscription on the label on the box.

Pink Colors Named After Countries

You got it right. Pink is so popular several countries share their names with this controversial color. And they are spread all over the world.

#F7BFBE (247, 191, 190) Spanish Pink
#FD6C9E (253, 108, 158) French Pink
#F88379 (248, 131, 121) Congo Pink oranzna
#F77FBE (247, 127, 190) Persian Pink
#DE6FA1 (222, 111, 161) China Pink

We cruised Europe, Africa, and part of Asia, so it’s only fair to make a short trip to America too.

#EC9AA3 (236, 154, 163) Japanese Pink
#FA1A8E (250, 26, 142) Philippine Pink
#FF9899 (255, 152, 153) American Pink
#E4007C (228, 0, 124) Mexican Pink aka Mexican Rose
#E8C3BA (232, 195, 186) Chilean Pink

We went around the world with pinks, yet we still need to mention at least a few more cities intertwined with shades of pink.

#D7837F (215, 131, 127) New York Pink
#F400A1 (244, 0, 161) Hollywood Cerise
#D95D67 (217, 93, 103) Milano Pink
#D9BFC5 (217, 191, 197) Venetian Pink
#C07B9A (192, 123, 154) Dark Venetian Pink

There is more, of course. One day we might add a few more related (by name) hues but to make this article publishable as soon as possible, let’s put a few dozen of already discovered pinks aside and move on – to the largest (by far!) group of pink shades.

Pink Flowers

First things first – pink got its name after flowers, not vice versa. Flowers were blooming and being beautiful and colorful way before humans decided to name colors. Only after that, new and new names were needed (due to our excessive dependence on communication) and different flowers became parts of more or less official names of pink colors.

#FDCDDD (253, 205, 221) Flower Pink
#E96A97 (233, 106, 151) Azalea Pink
#F19CBB (241, 156, 187) Amaranth Pink
#DBB2D1 (219, 178, 209) Pink Lavender
#FBAED2 (251, 174, 210) Lavender Pink

Yes, you got it right. Apparently, there is a difference between lavender pink and pink lavender. And lavender, by the way, is also a group of colors on its own. But let’s not stray from the subject and continue with more of the flowery pink tones.

#FFA6C9 (255, 166, 201) Carnation Pink
#F56FA1 (245, 111, 161) Cyclamen
#CD9BC4 (205, 155, 196) Clover Pink
#F6909D (246, 144, 157) Geranium Pink
#CA99B7 (202, 153, 183) Morning Glory Pink

Pink is one of the species (Dianthus plumarius) in the family Caryophyllaceae. Yet flowers are not the only species with pink blooms. Trees can have pink blossoms too. The same is true for aquatic plants like the lotus.

#F3D1DD (243, 209, 221) Light Pink Peony
#F6ADC6 (246, 173, 198) Nadeshiko Pink
#E0D2D1 (224, 210, 209) Almond Blossom Pink
#FFB7C5 (255, 183, 197) Cherry Blossom Pink
#EAD0D6 (234, 208, 214) Lotus Pink (RAL Design)

Pink Orchids

Orchids are the second most popular group of flowers (after roses, of course). Here are several pink shades named after orchids.

#F2BDCD (242, 189, 205) Orchid Pink
#D198C5 (209, 152, 197) Orchid (Pantone)
#D470A2 (212, 112, 162) Wild Orchid
#E5BDB5 (229, 189, 181) Orchid Pink (British Standard)
#E29CD2 (226, 156, 210) Orchid (Crayola)

Fuchsia Pink Colors

Fuchsia is another flower with pink blossoms. Its color is so distinctive and popular, a whole group of colors is actually named after fuchsia and one day we may provide a special article on fuchsia color only.

#F984EF (249, 132, 239) Light Fuchsia Pink
#FD3F92 (253, 63, 146) French Fuchsia
#CC397B (204, 57, 123) Fuchsia Purplish Pink
#F400A1 (244, 0, 161) Fashion Fuchsia Pink
#FE4164 (254, 65, 100) Neon Fuchsia

Yes, we finally arrived at the roses. They may be pink and are enjoyed in numerous pink shades. Many languages derived the name for the pink color from the rose and just like we saw at fuchsia there is a whole group of rose colors. This article may be written some day too, but for now, we invite you to read the symbolism of the different colors of roses.

Shades of Pink Roses with Codes

#C74375 (199, 67, 117) Fuchsia Rose
#FF66CC (255, 102, 204) Rose Pink aka Rosy Pink
#C08081 (192, 128, 129) Old Rose
#FF5470 (255, 84, 112) Fiery Rose
#FF33CC (255, 51, 204) Razzle Dazzle Rose

Roses are so widespread many of them (several hundred species with thousands of hybrids) got names after countries, so we made a group of rose pink colors with country names.

#FF033E (255, 3, 62) American Rose
#A8516E (168, 81, 110) China Rose
#FE28A2 (254, 40, 162) Persian Rose
#F64A8A (246, 74, 138) French Rose
#B57281 (181, 114, 129) Turkish Rose

The last group of rose pink shades provides some interesting combinations (salmon rose should be a surprise for most of us, right?), and here they are with examples and HTML codes.

#FBA0E3 (251, 160, 227) Lavender Rose
#F4C2C2 (244, 194, 194) Tea Rose
#B3446C (179, 68, 108) Raspberry Rose
#E7968B (231, 150, 139) Salmon Rose
#FFE4E1 (255, 228, 225) Misty Rose

From roses, we continue to bushes and trees with pinkish blossoms or wood.

#D71868 (215, 24, 104) Dogwood Rose
#EDCDC2 (237, 205, 194) Pale Dogwood
#F5D3D4 (245, 211, 212) Pink Dogwood (Pantone)
#A45A52 (164, 90, 82) Redwood
#9E4244 (158, 66, 68) Rosewood

We are almost finished with plants related to pink shades but can’t skip fruits. Here are three groups of pinks named after fruits.

Pink Fruit

#E30B5D (227, 11, 93) Raspberry
#E8888A (232, 136, 138) Strawberry
#FF43A4 (255, 67, 164) Wild Strawberry
#C54B8C (197, 75, 140) Mulberry
#C8509B (200, 80, 155) Mulberry Crayola

Berries are very thankful when we try to find pinkish shades related to fruits. They are lively, somehow fragile, and tender at the same time. The next group is a bit more robust. Of course, they belong to the pink family too.

#FADCD6 (250, 220, 214) Apricot Pink
#FAD1AF (250, 209, 175) Peach
#FFC5BD (255, 197, 189) Peachy Pink
#FC6C85 (252, 108, 133) Watermelon
#F7BCAC (247, 188, 172) Melon

We already mentioned cerise which means cherry in French. Well, it looks like we have the Cerise Pink and Cherry Pink among the shades of pink and now you can compare both. You’ll be the judge which suits your perception of cherry pink.

#DE3163 (222, 49, 99) Cerise
#E26F8F (226, 111, 143) Cherry Pink
#E0707C (224, 112, 124) Grapefruit Pink
#AD4379 (173, 67, 121) Mystic Maroon
#915F6D (145, 95, 109) Raspberry Glace

Fruit is so popular thanks to its attractive colors and taste. Speaking of taste, pink plays an important part in the food area – especially sweets are closely associated with this sweet color.

E4717A (228, 113, 122) Candy Pink
FFBCD9 (255, 188, 217) Cotton Candy
F9429E (249, 66, 158) Rose Bonbon
F58092 (245, 128, 146) Bubblegum Pink
FA86C4 (250, 134, 196) Taffy

Feeling hungry already? If Candy Pink, Bubblegum Pink, and Rose Bonbon (now you know the difference!) don’t satisfy your taste, you probably need something more caloric.

Pink Foods

#F89883 (248, 152, 131) Crepe
#E9C3CF (233, 195, 207) Parfait Pink
#D3507A (211, 80, 122) Pink Flambe
#A50B5E (165, 11, 94) Jazzberry Jam
#EAAEA9 (234, 174, 169) Sweet Tart

The pink color is obviously more than the appropriate color for sweets. There is even a shade of pink called Sweet Pink. Well, here we are again – different designers perceive this particular shade in different ways, so we provide a few examples of Sweet Pink with RGB and HEX values, together with their closest relative Sweetest Pink.

#FD9FA2 (253, 159, 162)
#EE918D (238, 145, 141)
#F4BCE1 (244, 188, 225)
#EE918D (238, 145, 141)
#FBCEE7 (251, 206, 231) Sweetest Pink

After so many sweets some drink would be nice. There are several drinks known for their pink colors, so here is a few of them.

Pink Drinks

F25278 (242, 82, 120) Punch
F2DBE7 (242, 219, 231) Lemonade Pink
F78FA7 (247, 143, 167) Pink Sherbet
F38FA9 (243, 143, 169) Vanilla Ice
D9463E (217, 70, 62) Strawberry Daiquiri

The most popular pinkish color is champagne pink which gives us another opportunity to check how designers see Champagne Pink. And yes, there is also Pink Champagne, so you can have even more choices.

Champagne Pink

You guessed it – again each web designer percieves champagne pink color a bit differently.

#F7E7CE (247, 231, 206)
#F8DECD (248, 222, 205) color-name-com
#F1DDCF (241, 221, 207)
#F6E1D3 (246, 225, 211)
#F0D8CC (240, 216, 204) Pink Champagne (Pantone)

While the pink drinks mostly look soft and gentle, the world of animals offers some pretty powerful pink shades.

Pink Animals

Did you know a flamingo’s color depends on food? When captured they tend to become white, so food additives are a must in ZOO. At first, caught birds were fed with paprika but now synthetic additives became a standard.

#FDDDE6 (253, 221, 230) Piggy Pink
#FC8EAC (252, 142, 172) Flamingo Pink
#D998A0 (217, 152, 160) Parrot Pink
#ECC4D5 (236, 196, 213) Pink Elephant
#905D5D (144, 93, 93) Rose Taupe

The most well-known pink shade in this area is, of course, Flamingo Pink, which, again, varies, thanks to the eating possibilities of flamingos (they got the color of their feathers from food and this color inevitably changes from time to time). The other popular pink shade in the animal kingdom is the color of salmon.

#FF9999 (255, 153, 153) Salmon aka Light Salmon Pink
#E9967A (233, 150, 122) Dark Salmon
#F0D8D8 (240, 216, 216) Oyster
#CC8899 (204, 136, 153) Puce
#F88379 (248, 131, 121) Coral Pink

Yes, coral pink deserves a few additional words. It could be treated as a shade of pink yet it belongs among orange colors too.

We are well-aware of versatility of this popular color so a special article about coral color is in our plan for near future.

We’ll also add some examples of pink animals later.

How about people? Are there any pink colors named after real folk? Yes, they are.

Pink Colors Named after People

#ED7A9B (237, 122, 155) Rose Pompadour
#997A8D (153, 122, 141) Mountbatten Pink aka Plymouth Pink vijolicna
#FF91AF (255, 145, 175) Baker-Miller Pink aka P-618 aka Drunk-Tank Pink aka Schauss Pink
#F2003C (242, 0, 60) Munsell Red
#C154C1 (193, 84, 193) Fuchsia

Rose Pompadour got its name after the famous Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764), Mountbatten Pink after Lord Mountbatten (1900-1979), who used it during World War II, Gene Baker and Ron Miller were directors of the institute where Alexander Schauss studied the influence of specific pink shade on aggressive behavior, and Munsell Red is named after Albert Henry Munsell.

Wait a minute! And Fuchsia? Isn’t that pink shade named after the color of the flower fuchsia? Yes, it’s true. But the plant was named after botanist Leonard Fuchs!

#F4C2C2 (244, 194, 194) Baby Pink
#EABDD1 (234, 189, 209) Cherub Pink
#EDD0DD (237, 208, 221) Cradle Pink
#E8CCD7 (232, 204, 215) Queen Pink
#A84860 (168, 72, 96) Hippie Pink

Pink is for centuries associated with everything young, playful, unserious, and sometimes extravagant. It could be calming, yet we should never forget the showy, even glamorous effects of some pink shades.

Pink Color in Pop Culture

#E0218A (224, 33, 138) Barbie Pink
#F88CAE (248, 140, 174) Baby Doll Pink
#EECECC (238, 206, 204) Ballerina Pink
#D75081 (215, 80, 129) Diva Pink
#F49BBF (244, 155, 191) Pink Panther Color

Pink can be very energetic, invigorating, and shocking, which is visible in the next group of pink shades.

Blush Pink

DE5D83 (222, 93, 131) Blush
D98695 (217, 134, 149) Shimmering Blush
CE4676 (206, 70, 118) Ruber
C84186 (200, 65, 134) Smitten
FFA878 (255, 168, 120) Hit

It’s hard to imagine modern cosmetics with pink, so it’s only fair to name a few tints after the popular objects in this area. Everything possible to make a Lady!

#A94064 (169, 64, 100) Rouge
#E5BFCA (229, 191, 202) Soap Pink
#FFCFF1 (255, 207, 241) Shampoo Pink
#BD4E84 (189, 78, 132) Nail Polish Pink
#F0C0A8 (240, 192, 168) Lady

When a lady feels really well, it’s like a fairy tale. Or is it Valentine’s? It definitely feels like paradise …

#E6A6BE (230, 166, 190) Valentine Pink
#F2C1D1 (242, 193, 209) Fairy Tale
#E63E62 (230, 62, 98) Paradise Pink
#DE5285 (222, 82, 133) Fandango Pink
#E4717A (228, 113, 122) Tango Pink

By the way – we already have a full article about Valentine colors.

Our out-of-this-world trip into pinks is concluded with two shades related to dance: Fandango Pink and Tango Pink which gives us an opportunity to smoothly slide into the world of feelings.

Yes, pink plays a huge role in personal feelings, spanning from playfulness to total romance.

Pink Color and Feelings

#FC89AC (252, 137, 172) Tickle Me Pink
#E68FAC (230, 143, 172) Charm Pink
#B3446C (179, 68, 108) Irresistible
#9B1C6D (155, 28, 109) Flirt
#F1CDE3 (241, 205, 227) Tender Pink

Remember the phrase ‘looking through pink glasses’? Well, pink is in many of its shades related to optimism and seeing only the best in the world. Of course, when we are in love, pink glasses obviously come into play.

#CE74A7 (206, 116, 167) Passion Pink
#D65282 (214, 82, 130) Mystic
#FFDAE9 (255, 218, 233) Mimi Pink
#F1DDE3 (241, 221, 227) Pink Touch
#FFCCCC (255, 204, 204) Lusty Gallant

Additionally, pink is the color of gentleness, and tenderness, which brings us to the next group – pink colors, related to skin. Did you know, the first names for pink in Europe were actually words describing skin complexion? Of course, then the spectrum was not discovered yet. Artists and scientists believed pink is a shade of yellow, not red, so the transformation to the name, coming from flowers came much later.

Pink for Skin Complexion

If, for some reason, you need an HTML code for the color of human skin, here are a few ideas. Please note that the name of the color pink initially came from naming the complexion in countries with Caucasian people (Italy in the first place).

#DDC0B4 (221, 192, 180) Nude Pink
#A95C68 (169, 92, 104) Deep Pruce
#DBAC98 (219, 172, 152) Lip Pink
#BE9D9B (190, 157, 155) Pink Suede (Pantone)
#D498B1 (212, 152, 177) Pink Leather

After groups of shades of skin and related stuff intertwined with the color pink, textiles come into play. Being so delicate and versatile color, it’s expected to find pink here as well.

#9C657E (156, 101, 126) Batik Pink
#FFDDF4 (255, 221, 244) Pink Lace
#F18AAD (241, 138, 173) Sachet Pink
#EEBDC0 (238, 189, 192) Boho Pink
#AA83A4 (170, 131, 164) Wilhelminian Pink

But let’s not confine ourselves to soft, gentle, and generally pretty stuff only. Pink shades can act strong too. The next section is devoted to proverbially strong elements – metals.

Metals with Pink Tones?

#B76E79 (183, 110, 121) Rose Gold
#E6C7C2 (230, 199, 194) Gold Pink
#C4AEAD (196, 174, 173) Silver Pink
#DCB5B4 (220, 181, 180) Silvery Pink
#996666 (153, 102, 102) Copper Rose

After more or less precious metals, related to different pink shades, we can expand into less known characteristics of this versatile color. Of course, it’s generously present in the world of minerals and plays an important part in jewelry as well.

Looking for Rose-Quartz Color?

#EDA6C4 (237, 166, 196) Metallic Pink
#CC33CC (204, 51, 204) Steel Pink
#ED5B9A (237, 91, 154) Cobalt Pink
#AA98A9 (170, 152, 169) Rose Quartz
#BCA3AA (188, 163, 170) Quartz Pink

Some of the most precious minerals are closely related to different pink shades. Yes, diamonds are included.

Pink Minerals and Stones

#FF55A3 (255, 85, 163) Brilliant Rose
#E1AFAA (225, 175, 170) Pink Diamond
3EFBBCC (239, 187, 204) Cameo Pink
#E0115F (224, 17, 95) Ruby
#97484B (151, 72, 75) Beryl

How about other precious materials? Pearls can be pinkish, right? And pearls are made of mother-of-the-pearl. We found a few other minerals too.

#E7ACCF (231, 172, 207) Pink Pearl
#D1C4C6 (209, 196, 198) Mother-of-pearl Pink
#960145 (150, 1, 69) Rose Garnet
#FBD3D9 (251, 211, 217) Pink Fluorite
#DFCDC6 (223, 205, 198) Morganite Pink

We are slowly approaching the end of the list of pink-colored minerals in this article. Some of them edge more on the red, others on the gray side.

#9966CC (153, 102, 204) Amethyst Pink
#C6A0AB (198, 160, 171) Opaline Pink
#B3586C (179, 88, 108) Slate Pink
#E8E1E6 (232, 225, 230) Apatite Pink
#BD9E97 (189, 158, 151) Pink Granite

Our final group is also related to minerals but not so admirable. Of course, we are looking at more earthly, even dusty substances.

Dusty Pink Color and Other Dirt Related Pinks

#CA7B80 (202, 123, 128) Dirty Pink
#D58A94 (213, 138, 148) Dusty Pink
#CC4E5C (204, 78, 92) Dark Terra Cotta
#C4B3B2 (196, 179, 178) Clay Pink
#E5CCC9 (229, 204, 201) Dust Storm

This is the end of the longest list of names for pink shades with HEX codes ever made in one article on this planet. If traffic (by traffic, we mean you, dear visitor!) proves to be high and engaging, soon we could expand the list with additional pink colors. 265 pinks from today can someday rise to over 300!

If you find this material useful, don’t hesitate to share it on your social media, blogs, etc. Stay pink!


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