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Christmas Colors – Most Popular Colors for Christmas with HEX and RGB Codes


Red and Green are not the only Christmas colors. Yes, we can’t do without them, yet there are several important colors without which we can’t compose a decent Christmas palette. We need them to equilibrate the strong red and green hues, add an emotional accent, or simply for contrast.

Of course, even red and green can be presented in numerous different shades. To help you find the best Christmas colors, we made a selection of main Christmas colors, produced by top paint brands (they included the word Christmas in the name of the paint or color) in the world and add several variations of less known colors, named by influential designers.

All chosen colors will be presented in squares in sets of five, so you can compare them. Each one of them will have corresponding HEX and RGB codes written in their names, so you can recreate your favorites in your projects as you need them. We’ll try to add a few interesting and useful additional info about the colors of Christmas on this page, include links to even more resources, and maybe add a few more colors later in 65 shades presented at the moment won’t be enough.

Christmas Red Colors

Red is undoubtedly the first color coming to one’s mind when we mention Christmas. This was not the case a hundred or more years ago but the commercialization and globalization of this popular holiday led us to that situation.

#D6001C (214,0,28) Christmas Red
#C30F16 (195, 15, 22) Christmas Red Color
#B01B2E (176, 27, 46) Christmas Red
#B11E31 (177, 30, 49) Christmas Red
#B22222 (178, 34, 34) Crayola Christmas Red (Firebrick Color)

As you can see, the shades of red above are not too similar but they still share the same (or almost the same) name thanks to the different standards we are using in the naming of colors. A bit different situation we have when we check the popular paint brands with their vision of Christmas Red.

#6A1219 (106, 18, 25) DecoArt DCA20-9
#B55555 (181, 85, 85) Firebrick Crayola – Christmas Red / Matthews Paint – Hotrod Red 10224
#CB312B (203, 49, 43) FolkArt – Christmas Red 958
#C54245 (197, 66, 69) Kelly-Moore – Christmas Red AC219-R
#BA4546 (186, 69, 70) Christmas Red (AC21-R)

If this is not enough, you can of course use other red shades for your Christmas-related projects. Hundreds are available here:

Gigantic list of red colors with codes.

Christmas Green Shades

If red represents energy, green suggests life. Using evergreen plants for Christmas decor is not a coincidence. Red and green together mean eternity, which is further seen in another typical Christmas element – a wreath.

Our first set of Christmas green hues can be seen below. As you can notice four of the five share the same name, but not the same shade, which is somehow surprisingly light.

#00873E (0, 135, 62) Christmas Green
#1E792C (30, 121, 44) Christmas Green
#007502 (0, 117, 2) Christmas Green
#034F20 (3, 79, 32) Christmas Green
#007A00 (0, 122, 0) Faux-Christmas Green

How about the green paints available in stores and named after Christmas?

#1BAB6C (27, 171, 108) Anita’s Acrylic Craft Paint Christmas Green
#2A8344 (42, 131, 68) Apple Barrel – Christmas Green / 20429 / 20529
#1C5240 (28, 82, 64) Behr Christmas Tree (8377)
#354938 (53,73,56) Colortrend – Christmas Wreath
#006400 (0, 100, 0) Darkgreen / Dark green (X11) / Crayola – Christmas Green / Plascon – Hollyhock Garden G3-C1-1

We have to admit paint producers have a bit more imagination naming their Christmas greens after the tree or wreath or spruce, to justify so different shades in their offer. But not nearly as often as they could. Just check the next set of five green shades of Christmas colors.

#1D411D (29, 65, 29) DecoArt DCA37-3 Christmas Green
#2C7225A (244, 55, 66) Delta – Christmas Green / 020680202W
#0B6031 (11, 96, 49) DoCraft Christmas Green (DOA763241)
#307A56 (48, 122, 86) Duron 4855N Christmas Green
#00827F (0, 130, 127) Teal green / Devoe Paint – Christmas Spruce / 90GG 15/398

You have probably already noticed there are more greens than red colors related to Christmas on the market. There are probably many reasons for that. One of them is probably the fact green is never as dominant as red, so it’s used more as a background. As such its functionality adjusts to the main color – red.

#007475 (0, 116, 117) ICI Paints – 3971 Christmas Spruce 90GG 15/398
#4B7164 (75, 113, 100) Olympic – Christmas Ivy C62-5
#447266 (68, 114, 102) Porter Paints – Christmas Ivy / 403-6
#007152 (0, 113, 82) Taubmans – Christmas Green / T12 51.H5 / Bristol – Christmas Green P144-C7
#4B7460 (75, 116, 96) Taubmans – Christmas Ivy / T10 54I-1

Of course, you can use many more green shades, which are available at this address:

Enormous list of green colors with codes.

Otherwise, this set of Christmas-related greens roughly concludes our basic possibilities for the red and green combo.

Despite the fact we already have more than a hundred different combinations on the table, we still need one more color at the minimum to complete at least a simple pattern of notorious ugly Christmas sweaters.

Christmas White Colors – Examples

White is an obvious choice for incorporation into a Christmas palette. It can be used as a background for more robust red and green, to divide or to frame them, it can add a pattern on its own or compliment the existing one, and it works great with all additional colors if there are any.

#EDE7DC (237, 231, 220) ICI Paints – 4481 Antique White 40YY 83/043 / Pratt & Lambert – Free Spirit 3-32 / Behr – Christmas Angel EBC-10
#ECEEEA (236, 238, 234) Benjamin Moore – White Christmas / 872 / Winter Snow OC-63
#F6EEDF (246, 238, 223) Dunn-Edwards – Birch White / 2519 / California Paints – DEW 326 – White Christmas / ISOMAT – IST 171-01
#EDEFEB (237, 239, 235) CHROMATIC 0032-Blanc Arcalis – Dorval-CH2
#F6F7EF (246, 247, 239) Ford – Performance White / Matthews Paint – White Christmas 7275

We should not be surprised to see five different shades of Christmas white if we take into account our perception of white which stretches from technically perfect white (HEX / HTML code: #FFFFFF and RGB code: 255, 255, 255) to much more liberal hues with a hint of red, green or blue leading to greyish, creamier, greenish, or even pinkish versions of Christmas white.

Is There a Christmas Brown Too?

Believe it or not, it is. Well, they are. Christmas brown colors are not just a specific set of reds with large amounts of green percentage in RGB, but they form an independent family of colors which can be further divided into two larger groups – darker and lighter. Darker can sometimes flirt with purple tones and lighter (typically named after cactus), with an inclination to pink and yellow.

#73604F (115, 96, 79) Diamond Vogel – Christmas Ornament 0186 / Colortrend – 0186 / ECOS Paints – Christmas Ornament (0186)
#F5AC87 (245, 172, 135) Devoe Paint – Christmas Cactus 58YR 53/342
#F7AF90 (247, 175, 144) Glidden – Christmas Cactus Coral
#F1A686 (241, 166, 134) ICI Paints – Christmas Cactus
#4A3A39 (74, 58, 57) Valspar Christmas Pudding

Christmas Gold Colors

Gold is another popular Christmas color. It perfectly matches the Sun (Christmas has its roots in pagan celebrations of the re-birth of the Sun) rays or adds to the celebratory feel of the holidays. Gold can be connected to the oldest traditions but thanks to its shiny appearance it’s also welcome addition if we want to add some sparks of joy, youth, and energy.

#CAA906 (202, 169, 6) Christmas Gold
#C1A520 (193, 165, 32) Christmas Gold
#B2B200 (178, 178, 0) Faux-Christmas Gold
#C6A905 (198, 169, 5) Faux-Christmas Gold
#F1D900 (241, 217, 0) Christmas Yellow

Gold is a classic choice for the star on the Christmas tree and even the most conventional gifts look great wrapped in golden wrapping paper or with a golden bow.

Shades and Tints of Christmas Silver Color

Silver is a close relative to gold, a bit more restrained, less extravagant, yet in some cases more classy. Silver can work great in some specific color combinations, so here is a set of Christmas silver colors as web users define them.

#E1DFE0 (225, 223, 224) Christmas Silver
#B5B5B5 (181, 181, 181) Christmas Silver
#E3E1DF (227, 225, 223) Faux-Christmas Silver
#969594 (150, 149, 148) Christmas Grey
#CACBCE (202, 203, 206) Christmas Silver

Christmas Pink with Codes

We could add pink colors to reds, but in Christmas palettes, they have so different usage they deserve a spot on their own. Pink is much more gentle than red, still lively, very feminine, and able to energize a bit duller combos or tranquil too energetic ones.

#E34285 (227, 66, 133) Christmas Pink
#FDCCCF (253, 204, 207) Faux-Christmas Pink
#F8C7CC (248, 199, 204) Faux-Christmas Pink
#FDC9C7 (253, 201, 199) Faux-Christmas Pink
#FFDDBB (255, 221, 187) Christmas Rose

Obviously, the pinks can sometimes look more yellowish or they can border on purple.

Examples of Christmas Purple

Purple is the color of royalties and it pairs great with gold and white. In combination with red and green, we should use it sparingly and be careful especially if there is brown involved as well.

#4D084B (77,8,75) Christmas Purple
#663398 (102, 51, 152) Christmas Purple
#64378D (100, 55, 141) Faux-Christmas Purple
#5D2B2C (93, 43, 44) Christmas Brown
#5A282A (90, 40, 42) Faux-Christmas Brown

Yes, purple can transform into brown very fast.

Codes for Christmas Blue

Yes, blue is so popular, it is used in Christmas palettes too, even if it’s not our first choice. It pairs well with red, white, gold, silver, and pink, but not looks too good with green, brown, or purple. As you can see, designers use Christmas blue tones in lighter and darker versions. Darker as the night sky and lighter as baby blue?

#2A8FBD (42, 143, 189) Christmas Blue
#F2766 (31,39,102) Christmas Blue
#3685C0 (54, 133, 192) Christmas Blue
#317EB4 (49, 126, 180) Faux Christmas Blue
#1D89A8 (29, 137, 168) Faux Christmas Blue

With this huge selection of Christmas colors complete with HEX (HTML) and RGB codes, with trivial and brand names, and of course some useful examples and links to further resources, we end this article. You have the tools to create several million Christmas patterns for your projects. In near future, we’ll add even more colors. Bookmark this page so you’ll find it later. A link from your blog or social profile would be greatly appreciated. And tell your friends!

Merry Christmas:)


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