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How to find inspiration?


Finding inspiration …

… can be great excuse to do nothing, but sometimes we really need something new, fresh, unknown, just to make a break and start working.


A short walk can help.

Reading a book can help too.

We all know how beneficial can be a talk with friends.

What about visiting a museum?

Fortunately for artist web is loaded with sparkling ideas just waiting to be realized and we can actually get them without putting our shoes on.

Here is only one of addresses which deserve a bookmark in every artist’s computer:

You can browse through artists by their name, you can explore collections and you can even create your galleries to add them to already existing ones. How cool is that, huh?

It can be a nice change of morning routine to visit this site instead of skimming the news or checking tweeter feed, but this is of course something everybody should decide for himself.

Google is sponsoring many art projects, including the one on (more about that site in one of future posts, but this one is probably the best alternative to visiting a real museum. While it is work in progress of course and many famous galleries and museums are still not included, we can already mention Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), Tate Gallery (London), Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), Palace of Versailles (Versailles), Uffizi (Florence), State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg) and the list is going on and on…

So don’t hesitate, enjoy the virtual tours, learn and maybe, just maybe, get some colored pencils and make some masterpieces on your own.


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