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Light Pink Paint


Light pink paints are a classic choice for painting interiors for many years and their popularity is growing. Pink paint, especially pale, muted tones, goes great with almost all other colors and gives us countless possible combinations for creating a unique feel for every imaginable home.

Due to its soothing, feminine effect, pastel pink paints found their way to living rooms and bedrooms, and are one of the first choices for painting the walls of girls’ bedrooms and studies. Did you know that certain hues of pink paint are used in correctional institutions to calm down the aggressiveness of the prisoners?

By definition soft pink paint color is made of some red and a lot of white. The more white, the more soft pink color we’ll achieve. To play a bit with the warmth of the final result, some yellow and blue may be added as well.

Let’s take a look at the light pink paints available on the market with examples and HEX and RGB codes.

Pale Pink Paint Colors for Walls

Pale pinks are by definition pink colors with a lot of white pigment. White is so dominant that pink can be seen only as an undertone.

#FAE3DD (250, 227, 221) Behr Soft Pink
#FDEBE5 (253, 235, 229) Peintures MF Chaleur / Benjamin Moore Soft Pink
#F7EBE7 (247, 235, 231) Asian Paints Pearly Pink / Rodda Paint Soft Shell / Cloverdale Paint Soft Shell
#F9E9E6 (249, 233, 230) Scib Paints Pale Perfection / Vista Paint Pale Perfection / Berger Pale Perfection / Behr Hush Pink
#F6EAE5 (246, 234, 229) Wattyl Fairy White / Asian Paints Divine Pink / Rodda Paint Pale Petals / Cloverdale Paint Pale Petals

Paint makers sometimes use a bit poetic names for their products, yet it’s obvious they all offer almost the same thing – soft, calming paints with a bit of pink which gives some warmth to your room walls.

#F0E3E6 (240, 227, 230) Porter Paints Pastel Pink / PPG Pittsburgh Paints Pastel Pink
#EBDED6 (235, 222, 214) Diamond Vogel Cliffswallow / ECOS Paints Cliffswallow
#F2E2DC (242, 226, 220) Olympic Plaster Pink / Pantone PMS Pastel 9241
#E5DCD5 (229, 220, 213) CIL Pink Suede / Pantone PMS 11-0603 TPG Pastel Parchment
#FCFAF8 (252, 250, 248) Brighto Paints Pink Champagne

You already noticed light and pale are often used interchangeably, even though they differ by definition – light can be much more energetic and at least in theory made without the addition of white. Yet in practice both groups of pinkish paints often overlap and to make our lives even more interesting, paint factories describe their colors with soft and pastels as well.

#F8EAE3 (248, 234, 227) Benjamin Moore Shell Pink
#F3E2E6 (243, 226, 230) Benjamin Moore Ballerina Pink
#F5EAE7 (245, 234, 231) Benjamin Moore Pink Bliss
#F7E7E1 (247, 231, 225) Behr My Sweetheart
#F7E1DC (247, 225, 220) Sherwin-Williams Laurel Pink

Benjamin Moore is one of the most popular paint producers and their family of pink paints is in constant demand. In the set of paints above you can compare three of their products with two different (and also extremely popular) makers of pink wall paints: Behr and Sherwin-Williams. Both of them are represented below as well.

#F2E6E6 (242, 230, 230) Behr Pink Prism
#F6E9E8 (246, 233, 232) Sherwin-Williams Fancy Pink
#EEE9DC (238, 233, 220) Glidden Cream Puff / Coronado Paint Campiello / PPG Pittsburgh Paints Cream Puff
#EFE9DD (239, 233, 221) Nerolac Old Charm / Porter Paints Cream Puff / Behr Villa White
#F6E7E2 (246, 231, 226) Sherwin-Williams Cosmetic Blush

Some soft pink paints have a slightly yellowish feel which makes them even warmer and livelier. They are, of course, very neutral and great to paint with more powerful colors for furniture, decor, and other surfaces.

#F0EBE9 (240, 235, 233) Designers Guild Frost / Behr White Dogwood
#EAE6DE (234, 230, 222) Scib Paints White Now! / 8476 / Porter Paints Dogwood Blossom / Vista Paint White Now! / Berger White Now! / PPG Pittsburgh Paints Dogwood Blossom
#E8E4DB (232, 228, 219) Asian Paints White Delight / CIL Kitten White / Olympic Dogwood Blossom
#F3ECEA (243, 236, 234) Behr Touch of the Pink
#EFE5E4 (239, 229, 228) Olympic Bare Pink / Taubmans Iris Haze

This is the last set of pale pink paint colors, called barely pink paints. Some makers don’t even use the word pink in their names and rather go for plants or even animals. We will continue with a bit more intensive light pink paints for interiors.

Soft Pink Paint

We are still in the huge and popular family of light pink paints but the next few sets will perform significantly warmer thanks to greater values of red pigment in the mixture. For starters, let’s see what Benjamin Moore has to offer:

#FDE8E6 (253, 232, 230) Benjamin Moore Touch Of Pink
#FFCDD8 (255, 205, 216) Benjamin Moore Light Chiffon Pink
#FAE7E9 (250, 231, 233) Benjamin Moore Elephant Pink
#FDE7E4 (253, 231, 228) Benjamin Moore Powder Pink
#FACBD0 (250, 203, 208) Benjamin Moore Pastel Pink

Benjamin Moore offers a huge selection of pinkish paints for walls, differentiating by gentle hues of reddish, yellowish, and bluish undertones. All are very popular due to their ability to pair with other paint colors.

The next set offers a few pink paints with champagne in their names. While we all expect a bit of yellow in those colors, you’ll find a few champagne pink paint colors in the next groups of paints, where other hues are present.

#FFEFF3 (255, 239, 243) California Paints Pink Champagne / Dunn-Edwards Powder Puff
#F1DDE1 (241, 221, 225) Clark+Kensington Pink Champagne
#FEDCE7 (254, 220, 231) ProMarker Pale Pink
#F7CAC1 (247, 202, 193) Glidden Rose Pink / PPG Pittsburgh Paints Rose Pink
#E8DADD (232, 218, 221) ICI Paints Harem Pink / Dulux Waterlily Blush 6

Here we go with another set of light pink paints available by different paint makers. They look petty similar, yet each one of them with a special feeling that you can create in your bedroom, living room, or other places in your home. All are warm, optimistic, and energetic like modern users expect from wall paints.

#FFE9E4 (255, 233, 228) Brighto Paints Rose Pink
#F7DBD9 (247, 219, 217) Behr Princess Pink
#EED2D4 (238, 210, 212) Glidden Princess Pearl Pink
#FDE0DB (253, 224, 219) Rodda Paint My Sweetheart / Cloverdale Paint My Sweetheart
#FDE0DD (253, 224, 221) Scib Paints My Sweetheart / Vista Paint My Sweetheart / Berger My Sweetheart

#F9DCD7 (249, 220, 215) Coronado Paint My Sweetheart
#FFE3E0 (255, 227, 224) Duron Laurel Pink
#FFEDF3 (255, 237, 243) Duron Fancy Pink
#FDE9E3 (253, 233, 227) Benjamin Moore Frosty Pink
#F6DEDE (246, 222, 222) Duron White Dogwood / Devoe Paint Delicious

Ever heard about millennial pink paint? Well, the term was coined in the late 2010s and is used for a whole family of light pink shades. While you’ll find an html code for millennial pink color #F3CFC6 and RGB (243, 207, 198), the producers of paints got several ideas on how should millennial pink actually look on the wall.

Here is a set of millennial pink paints made by Sherwin-Williams.

#F1CAD3 (241, 202, 211) Sherwin-Williams Reverie Pink
#E3B5A8 (227, 181, 168) Sherwin-Williams Mellow Coral
#E8B9AE (232, 185, 174) Sherwin-Williams Rachel Pink
#D6C8C0 (214, 200, 192) Sherwin-Williams Unfussy Beige
#E3B7B1 (227, 183, 177) Sherwin-Williams Gracious Rose

The tones of millennial pink vary from gentle pink to more yellowish, greyish, and blueish hues. The assortment is, obviously, much wider when we take into account, other paint makers. Maybe we’ll present some of them in the future.

Blush Pink Paint

Blush pink paints are bolder colors with more intense red tones. They are cozy, inviting, and invigorating. Modern interior designers use them for smaller places like closets, laundry rooms, powder rooms, and home offices.

#EBBBB1 (235, 187, 177) Valspar Paint Soft Pink
#E4A5A9 (228, 165, 169) Glidden Soft French Pink
#FAB4D8 (250, 180, 216) Apple Barrel Light Pink 20535
#FABFBF (250, 191, 191) Apple Barrel Light Pink 44844E
#FF9999 (255, 153, 153) Humbrol Pink / Light Salmon Pink

Because pink, especially lighter hues, pairs so well with neutrals, like beige, cream, ivory, and similar whiteish colors, we have virtually infinite possibilities to create a space according to our wishes. Sometimes the ceiling is painted with the same light paint color, sometimes only three-quarters of the walls are covered and the top (together with a ceiling) is left white, to make an optical illusion of larger or higher space.

#FADADD (250, 218, 221) Glidden Powder Pink
#EEC4C9 (238, 196, 201) Albany Paint Powder Pink
#F6B6BB (246, 182, 187) Behr Ballerina Pink
#F8A3BC (248, 163, 188) Apple Barrel Princess Pink / Pantone / PMS 189 C
#FFB1CF (255, 177, 207) Valspar Paint Princess Pink

Again, paint factories use sometimes pretty poetical names for their products. Powder pink paint is actually a conservative solution, while Princess Pink or Ballerina Pink clearly alludes to the girlish feel of the result.

Pale Pink Paint Colors With Yellowish Hues

The next group of light pink paints has a distinctive addition of yellowish tones. This makes them live, energetic, and optimistic.

#F7D7CC (247, 215, 204) Benjamin Moore Pale Pink Satin
#FFEAD8 (255, 234, 216) Kansai Paint Pastel Pink
#F8EBD4 (248, 235, 212) Sherwin-Williams Dollop Of Cream / Taubmans Blush Pink / Bristol Blush Pink
#F1DDCF (241, 221, 207) Clark+Kensington Pacific Coral
#F3E5DC (243, 229, 220) Resene Fair Pink / Glidden Champagne Ice / Nippon Paint Penelope Pink / PPG Pittsburgh Paints Champagne Ice

Those pastel pink paint colors are great for living rooms, playrooms, or other places where we spend a lot of time or hang out with visitors. They can be used in very different ways depending on the lighting conditions.

#FDE1D9 (253, 225, 217) Taubmans Elephant Pink / T12 28.A2 / Bristol Elephant Pink / P073-W1
#F7E8E2 (247, 232, 226) Benjamin Moore Gentle Butterfly / 2173-70 / Hint Of Pink / 884 / Coronado Paint 8060 – Devon Dawn
#E2D0B8 (226, 208, 184) Kansai Paint Rose Pink
#FFF1E8 (255, 241, 232) Diamond Paint Princess Pink
#FEEBDC (254, 235, 220) Sanderson Peony Pink

If we compare, for instance, Elephant Pink and Hint of Pink, we notice that we are dealing with colors similar to champagne pinks, but with less intensive yellow. This muted effect has a calming effect, which can be used for all places where we want to relax. Or maybe meditate?

#F4E3C7 (244, 227, 199) ICI Paints Lace Corsage / Behr Cream Puff
#FBE3AB (251, 227, 171) Taubmans Cream Puff
#FFEEC8 (255, 238, 200) Rodda Paint Cornmeal / Sanderson Cream Puff Lt / Cloverdale Paint Cornmeal
#FFF1D8 (255, 241, 216) California Paints Vintage Lace / Pascol Angel’s Glow / Dunn-Edwards Cream Puff
#EAD9D0 (234, 217, 208) Fuller OBrien Pink Champagne

This group of yellowish pink paints, made by slightly less known paint makers is a bit brighter, with a more playful effect. Several paints use the word cream in their names insinuating soft whitish yellowish tones.

Rose Pink Paint

If yellowish pinks make you feel more energetic, more orange tones give you determination and power. The next few groups of paints still belong to light pinks yet they are the most intense so far. The reason is a higher percentage of red pigment which, with an addition of yellow, create a fresh and flowery or fruity feeling.

#FA906C (250, 144, 108) Valspar Paint Pink Blush
#FFCDC5 (255, 205, 197) ProMarker Pastel Pink
#E7C1B5 (231, 193, 181) Behr Pink Blush
#FEE4D2 (254, 228, 210) Valspar Paint Champagne Pink
#FFD0C4 (255, 208, 196) Taubmans Pink Elephant / Peintures MF Nuance de peche / Bristol Pink Elephant

Orange-pink paints also come on the market in numerous variations, from bolder almost orange to gentler almost greyish-white tones. The producers found inspiration everywhere, from nature and geography to breakfast food and personal cosmetic products.

#FFE1D4 (255, 225, 212) Taubmans White Feather / Resene Sentimental / Bristol Powder Pink
#F8CEC5 (248, 206, 197) Sico Pink Powder-Puff
#EFBE9E (239, 190, 158) Chrysler Shell Pink
#FFCEC4 (255, 206, 196) Taubmans Pink Sea Shell/ Bristol Pink Sea Shell
#F6E4D9 (246, 228, 217) Pantone PMS 11-1306 TCX Cream Pink / Taubmans Bare Pink

The next group of orangey-pink paints is the palest pink in the family. Five different popular brand marks offer relatively similar neutral pink paints with clear orange undertones. All presented colors pair great with numerous darker colors.

#F8DBCF (248, 219, 207) Taubmans Pink Bliss
#F9E9E4 (249, 233, 228) Benjamin Moore Cream Puff
#FCE8E1 (252, 232, 225) Farrow & Ball Middleton Pink
#EFDED8 (239, 222, 216) Sherwin-Williams White Dogwood
#F6E2D7 (246, 226, 215) Duron Alluring White / Behr Island Hopping / Farrow & Ball Pink Ground

More Neutral Pink Paint Examples

We have already explored soft pink paints with only a hint of pink, with an addition of yellow or orange, and stronger tones of pink. It’s time to see if there are even more pastel pink paints on the market.

Yes, of course, there are many other popular products in this area. The next few sets of paints look a bit more brownish, even earthy, which gives us countless opportunities for usage in interiors and exteriors.

#E5C9BC (229, 201, 188) Pratt & Lambert King’s Arms Rose Pink Medium Light
#D2AD9F (210, 173, 159) Pratt & Lambert King’s Arms Rose Pink
#F5D6BF (245, 214, 191) Taubmans Soft Pink / Bristol Soft Pink
#F2D9CC (242, 217, 204) Benjamin Moore Love & Happiness
#EDD1C2 (237, 209, 194) Dulux Australia Pale Pink

All presented pink pants are soft, pale, and light, with a hint of yellow and some green which makes them a bit brownish, sometimes edging on beige or cream which are classic choices for painting the walls for many many years.

#E4C1AE (228, 193, 174) 1829 Pale Salmon Pink
#BA929C (186, 146, 156) Wattyl Posh Pink / New Look Flush Blush
#F2E9E4 (242, 233, 228) Devoe Paint Elizabethan / Earthpaint Pink Champagne / CHROMATIC Rose Arum
#F4D5CE (244, 213, 206) Behr Pink Elephant
#C9947F (201, 148, 127) Matthews Paint Pressed Rose Pink

The group of pinkish paints above is interesting for their diversity. While all give an earthy, muted appearance, they are obviously very contrasting. While Posh Pink from Wattyl looks almost purple, we could easily characterize Elizabethan by Devoe Paint as white.

Speaking of white, check the next group of very light pink paints.

Is There the Palest Pink Paint?

#E7DDDE (231, 221, 222) Glidden Wood Anemone Pink / Dulux Pale Peony
#EBD4CE (235, 212, 206) Brighto Paints Day Dawn / Behr Ole Pink
#DEB2AF (222, 178, 175) Dulux Australia Princess Pink
#FBE1DE (251, 225, 222) Taubmans Pink Peony / Bristol Pink Peony
$DFCFD1 (223, 207, 209) Levis Gentle Peony / CIL Nouvelle Pink

While technically all the colors above belong to orangeish pinks, we are definitely still dealing with pale pinks with orange subtones. These paints are very neutral and can be used almost universally.

More Blush Pink Paints Examples

We have already presented several blush pink paint colors. They all have a bit of blue which makes pink purplish. This leads to a more dramatic, yet sweet effect. Blush paints are a popular choice for walls in different interiors, from living rooms to bedrooms. We selected lighter shades varying from creamy and greyish to magenta and mauve shades.

#E8D1D7 (232, 209, 215) Earthpaint Candle Light Pink
#F3E3EB (243, 227, 235) Brighto Paints Candle Light Pink
#F4CEE3 (244, 206, 227) Asian Paints Blush Pink
#EDE1E5 (237, 225, 229) Porter Paints Pink Champagne / PPG Pittsburgh Paints Pink Champagne
#E1CCD1 (225, 204, 209) Duron Studio Mauve / ICI Paints Pink Champagne

While Behr, Benjamin Moore, Farrow and Ball, Sherwin-Williams, and Valspar dominate the market, we made an effort to present some other paint makers as well. All these paint colors pair well with blue and green paints, but they can look especially great with glass and metal.

#EDC5D3 (237, 197, 211) Earthpaint Pink Elephant
#F8D6E6 (248, 214, 230) Brighto Paints Pink Elephant
#D3BFC1 (211, 191, 193) Levis Diadeem / Dulux Powder Pink
#EADEE3 (234, 222, 227) Glidden Floral Twist Pink / Pantone PMS 11-2509 TPG Calcite / Earthpaint Perfume Powder
#ECC4E0 (236, 196, 224) Plascon Sea Shell Pink

We are ending this article about light pink paint colors for the moment. Just for the moment. Because there are dozens of interesting, inspiring, and inviting paints already on the market with always something new to explore. So expect more in the future, because pale pinks are here to stay!


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