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How to draw a rose?


So you wanna know how to draw roses, the most romantic flowers in the world?

There are several ways of drawing roses and all them are essentially pretty simple. We’ll explore some of them, going from the most easy to more difficult ones.


Have your pencil ready. You can start with a circle, continue with a spiral, add petals in several groups from inside out. Add a stem and don’t forget the thorns. Now you can erase unnecessary lines and draw the rose to the color of your choice. sounds too easy? Well, it actually is easy! If you are confident enough, you can skip the part with a pencil and go right with the pen. You can draw a rose in less than a minute!

There is another, a bit more complicated way to make internal part of the bloom, which is still very simple and perfectly suitable for beginners. Feel free to check next video as well:

If you would like to show your rose in different perspective, I have found another video with a great step by step presentation. Who said beginners can’t aim at astonishing results? Please note how much can be done with shadows!

We all know roses have kind of personality, which was explored in numerous ways in literature and other media. You can find out more about the roses with their amazing symbolism in the next article:

You can add a nice twist to your rose with application of so called kawaii style:

Although a rose is not a tiger, you can still add a little character to the picture! Cute, huh?


Or you can make it with next step by step tutorial, where you’ll find much more detailed explanations of individual steps with more in-depth instructions.


And finally one more a bit more demanding tutorial with more detailed instructions, first to draw a rose in pencil and ink, and after that with an upgrade – color it with different shades of color red, to achieve really realistic and attractive result at the same time. Of course this tutorial is much more time consuming, but the rose will look spectacular!


Remember, there is no right or wrong way to draw a rose, because each one of them is unique and so is our perception of these gentle flowers. I hope you have find your favorite way of drawing a rose. If you decide to show it on-line, please let me know in the comments section below!


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