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How to draw a tiger?


Drawing for kids can be pretty predictable. Sooner or later they will want to draw some kind of animal. Yes, bigger is still better and it is hard to find anything bigger than a tiger. O.k., a bear is bigger. And a whale. And several mythological creatures. But now I am straying from the subject.

I checked the web to help all the lazy parents who would like to learn the basics of drawing in comfort of their homes. Drawing a tiger is not the easiest task on the world, so I recommend to check next links which in my opinion belong among best possible lessons on the subject. Than devote few minutes a day to training and in a week or two your tigers will rock

So – how to draw a tiger?


Easiest (and still realistic) way is presented on this address:

It is simple step by step approach which even a five year old can follow.

Start with a pencil, so you could erase unnecessary lines when all the components of your tiger will be done.  While scientists know only eight subspecies of tiger at the moment you can draw as many as you want with a set of colored pens.

By the way, you can download steps as an image and have it as your personal cheat sheet off line.

standing tiger

Next variation of tiger is a bit harder to draw in my opinion because it doesn’t use circles and other closed lines. On the other hand you don’t have to erase anything if you don’t make any mistakes. I like the presentation with two colors of lines (in red is only the new part of drawing):

For the third, last and by far most demanding way of tiger drawing I have chosen a video. The result is really impressive, but the procedure is probably way too much for a beginner, so look at it more as an inspiration and motivation:

I have seen this video several times and it still amazes me. Remember, everything is done with an ordinary graphite pencil!

And if you really want to push yourself to the limits, try it in silverpoint technique:)



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